12.21.1988 | Pan Am 103 crash over Lockerbie, Scotland | the Maltese Double Cross |

I happened to read in the New York Times yesterday, and saw that this date corresponds to the anniversary of the Pan Am flight that crashed over Lockerbie, Scotland, in which a total of about 270 people were killed, including those in the town.


I read on, and then discovered info about a documentary movie that had been made a few years after the incident, which basically is saying that there had been ‘controlled drug runs’ completely known and shared between the United States, England, Germany and Libya among other countries, and that this had also taken place on this Pan Am flight 103.

The Maltese Double Cross by Alan Franovich


There were a number of dignitaries and higher officials from several governments, including USA FBI, and South African dignitaries, whose informed sources persuaded them not to take the flight.

There had also been a ‘terrorist’ warning weeks earlier that a bomb was going to be placed on a flight between Frankfurt, Germany, flying then from London to New York City. The warning somehow wasn’t taken seriously, considered a hoax by the airlines. The film talks about CIA and Hezbollah operatives and well, I’d suggest that you see it for yourself! Please inform me of any other information or links you may have covering this.

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