Berlin Rally Oct. 15th 2011 | Global Day of Economic Protest from the 99% |

On Saturday October 15th, I participated in the rally which took place in Berlin, among those rippling around the world, on this global day of economic protest. Spawned by the “Occupy Wall Street” movement instigated in NYC, the 99% of the population around the world wish to ‘occupy’ and gain the wealth due, which has been up to this point in the hands of the 1% – the banks – who happen to also control the weapons. People around the globe; in New York, London, Madrid, Berlin, Paris, Hong Kong, Sydney… demand that the bankers not be bailed out, but that wealth be shared.

Here’s a pic posted from Alex Gendler, who’s a resident in NYC.

The title alone of his blog is clever!!

In the meantime, here’s what the New York Times coverage in the USA reveals.

Here’s what Amy Goodman on Democracy Now had to say about this incident (pictured above) of a 24 year old Iraq War vet, Scott Olsen, who received a fractured skull after being hit on the head during the protest in Oakland by a projectile fired by the police.

More people’s testimonies can be viewed directly on the we are the 99 % site:

In fact the ‘occupy wall street movement‘ marked one month on the 17th of October, as instigator’s of the people to rally in New York city and camp out at Zuccotti Park. You can get continuous updates about what’s currently happening in New York and other cities through Amy Goodman’s broadcasts on Democracy Now.

And there’s another call for people to occupy the Bundestag/Parlament – Spaziergang zum Platz der Republik – this time on Saturday the 22nd, from 1pm to 3pm. Berlin Versammlung #occupyberlin #occupybundestag.

In Berlin, the air was festive and the crowd represented all ages, ethnic and economic backgrounds. There were loads of signs and testimonies regarding each person or group’s particular insights. There were quite a number of Guy Fawkes masks in the crowd, appropriately.

There was music everywhere during the march; from bicycles equipped with speakers blaring techno, to older folks singing folkloric songs in pairs, a choir of people singing A cappella with lyrics about the economy, drumming groups and wagons with music…. It was mostly a joyous gathering of people with a lot of laughter and dancing at different stopping points. People sat before the Reichstag/Parlament making various speeches, using the ‘human microphone’ aka Michael Moore style in NYC. One person would stand up stating a phrase, and the group of people sitting around him or her would echo line by line the words, so that everyone further away could hear. The only tension (while I was still present) was at the the end of the march when people were gathered sitting before the Reichstag – the building which houses the Bundestag / Parlament, when the the riot police came in to the crowd to confiscate the people’s tents! It seemed more like a symbolic show of power, with the tent more a representation of the people’s demand to be there, than anything more. There was commotion and boos coming from the crowed when the police lifted the tent above their heads and carried it away. Then cheers sprung from the crowd, when suddenly another tent appeared and was lifted back into the same circle. Ha! I imagined this scene going on for a while, with each subsequent tent being just a little bit smaller, like the Russian “Matryoshka dolls” each replica smaller and smaller, nestled within the next. I imagined the last tent hoisted by the ‘people’ being about a foot in diameter, as their own might is deflated by the police.

Heine of set up his symbolic cash register which states: The Zero Sum Game – Berlin-Gegen-Krieg/ Berlin Against War.

One of the more amusing signs was one which read on one side:

• Wir sind die 99%, Schluß mit Lustigem Casino / We are the 99%, put an end to this joke of a casino.

and on the other

• Rettet der Erde! sie ist der einziger Planet mit Schokolade!
Save the Earth! It’s the only planet with chocolate!

The guy who was flaunting this before where we were sitting in the crowd in front of the Bundestag was quite a joker himself. At one point he stated loudly in hearing range of a lot of people; well, I have to leave the revolution now, because Lidl/the grocery store, closes at 8pm. I felt as if this ironically sums up a lot, because as long as people are relatively comfortable and not in any dire circumstances, they will be propelled to continue with their routines, among them, buying food before the stores close or any other dictates by our culture through manufactured consent… going home to watch a TV program. ouch!

Two other things stood out in my head from the protest, one was a man who was mad, not necessarily a madman, who had a megaphone. He was ranting into the crowd yelling at people for taking pictures and having cell phones…but then giggling as he was ranting. At one point this other man annoyed, came up to him and grabbed the microphone to start shouting some things back at him, and they proceeded to argue for a while standing within a foot of one another, taking turns grabbing the little black thing to speak into the megaphone.

The other which I found amusing, was when as my friend and I were standing in one spot as the march had finished but people hadn’t yet started to gather at the Bundestag, suddenly all of these police in riot gear appeared right in front of us. They just stood there quietly inspecting the crowd, peering around in all directions. At on point a pair of kids walked up, one of them dressed very colorfully, and his language was just as flamboyant. He walked up to the police and asked them in if they were planning on shooting? I couldn’t follow all that he was saying in German, but he stood right next to the bulwark of about a dozen Policemen, and casually spoke in a louder than normal tone of voice to his friend standing next to him, talking about the Police, as if they weren’t standing right there beside him. He kept making all of these comments that were so provocative, dressed in flowery clothes that dangled on his lithe body, with a little pouch over his shoulder that was a stuffed animal. The police didn’t seem to be getting too perturbed, but this guy just kept on talking relentlessly. He never had an aggressive tone, just a kind of passive commentary, loud enough that they could all hear him, but never quite impressive enough to cause them to retaliate.

And the most endearing image was that of this adorable Spanish child of about 5 who was so excited every time this guy raised his string of wire to blow a bunch of bubbles with soap. This guy rode in a harmless little chariot that said “Capitalism is organized Crime”. Anyway, the boy would throw up his arms in delight and then run after the bubbles, as many kids of various ages did, and as many children of all the world would. Odd how money gets in the way, and the human factor is disregarded as dispensable, as is preserving nature and the animals of the planet, in the face of greed and the desire for more and more profit.

I saw one sign leaning over the shoulder of what appeared to be a well-dressed yuppy, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore”, from the film Network. Yes, there was quite an array of voices and statements out there, and much of it quite amusing.

Here’s a link to a short video looking at the occupy wall street movement in NYC from the inside. (To preserve our planet, scientists tell us we must reduce the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere from its current level of 392 parts per million (“ppm”)to below 350 ppm) also is coordinating an occupy movement worldwide: #Occupy and the #Climate Movement.

Descriptions of the various signs can be viewed as you drag your mouse over the picture.

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