Laud to the end of | theDanger | the most eloquent of underground events | NYC has scene | ;-D

The last, of almost a half decade of some of the most sumptuous and f*8n best underground parties the New York metropolitan area has seen, will occur, very soon. I am so sorry to hear that this era of eloquence and excellence, communicated through this particular party promoter, will no longer appear in my inbox and grace the city with his imaginative forays. Thank you so much!! Names surreptitiously withheld to protect the actors! Though it will continue in other forms, it’s pretty much bringing tears to my eyes to hear that these specific parties will end, and that I can’t be there for the last one, due to not having the money to book a flight. HELP!! Please someone send me your frequent flyer miles ‘-)) Your extra money that you could donate to this ‘starving artist’. I’m not starving actually, but will write a little sketch on Carolkeiter’s Blog after this one I just posted – pics of Halloween night’s decadent costume party in Berlin at an American owned music and event bar “White Trash Fast Food”. I will write about how I just survived 11 days – and two consecutive weekends – without having a single euro, yet actively participating in many different events daily/nightly and maintaining productive and cheerful throughout the duration. I never, ever would have let things slide into such a slippery situation, while living and working in my own country, now wait, aren’t many people in such situations presently? My point is that I love New York, would love to participate in the last of “theDanger” parties, and I would love so very, very much to visit my loving and supportive parents in neighboring PA. Okay, enough said, thought it wouldn’t hurt to put it out there !-D

If you are in the NYC area, and haven’t heard about theDanger, contact me via email and I’ll let you know more about it, maybe 😉 11 | ? | 11

Just for a hint of the grandeur of past gatherings, great warehouse parties and flash mob type events, as the illustrious promoter states “previous exploits”, I further quote his evocative email indicating this last party:

This grand adventure started several years ago with 4,000 of you taking over the Brooklyn Bridge in one night of fire, then continued in the warehouses of Brooklyn and culminated with an exclamation point in the streets of Times Square.

Through the dozens of parties, the reckless hedonism, the endless nights and the brilliant mornings, this journey has been an ode to you and the gorgeous riot that is New York City. And now it comes to the poetic conclusion… This makes me really, really miss being present in New York city!!

About carolkeiter
Aspiring writer, artist, musician and composer who was born and raised in the United States and has resided in several European countries. Communication is my forte; both through using various tools and in approaching people of divers backgrounds to gather information. Speak conversational - advanced intermediate - French, German and Spanish. Love interacting with people in cultural centers as much as going to remote places to learn more about the different creatures that share our planet. Love of the outdoors and of a variety of outdoor sports. Driven to learn and expand my own consciousness and understanding through curiosity and love of life. Creative skills merge with analytical ones, leading to an interest in a myriad of topics; ranging from politics, economics, science to environmental. Motivated to use my art, music and writing to support and educate people towards humane practices that support and respect all of life, including practices supporting a healthy planet.

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