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Let’s look at what the word universe indicates, in terms of its scale. A number of people have created their own descriptive productions revealing the vastness of the universe, both inner and outer, by looking at the relative sizes of things.

In 1957, the Dutch educational reformer Cornelis “Kees” Boeke wrote an essay entitled “Universe in 40 Jumps”. You can see each of the jumps online, as Boeke describes the power of 40 going to the nucleus of a Sodium atom at 10-16 > to the viewable universe 1024 meters.

Looking at 10 (-13th)

and magnifying to 10 the 13th power

For example, 10 X 16 is 1 light year away, 10 X 21, is far enough away to see our entire milky way galaxy…and so on!

This book inspired several films including the Canadian produced “Cosmic Zoom” and the nine-minute film, “Powers of Ten” made by Charles and Ray Eames for IBM in 1968 and re-released in 1977. This film deals with the relative size of things in the universe, and the effect of simply adding another zero. The film starts with an image that is 1 meter wide, viewed from 1 meter away. Every ten seconds the image jumps to 10 times farther away, with a field of vision that is 10 times larger; describing all of the things that are seeing.

To appreciate the “human world” versus everything else, the 10 X power of 62 in a spiral image shows the expansion of 62 orders of magnitude (1062), so imagine each 10 as a level, where the one in red will be the 1 meter mark, which is approximately the human scale.

Scale of the Universe, x10, 62ndPower

Scale of the Universe x10 to the 62ndPower

It’s probably safe to say that all direct human experience occurs within 2 orders of magnitude smaller and larger than our bodies (by “direct”, I mean observation based on senses). Beyond that range, technology is required to visualize things, whether its a microscope, satellite imagery or telescopes.

The most recent “Flashy” version demonstrating this was achieved and produced by twin 14 year-old brothers for their 9th grade class. “The Scale of The Universe 2”.

Scalable Universe by Cary Huang htwins

Scalable Universe
by Cary Huang htwins

As one jumps with a 10 X leap, there’s an apparent great deal of activity to emptiness. That same relative emptiness in deep space emulates that which occurs when getting into deep inner space. For example, if a proton were the size of a marble, an electron would be about the width of a human hair, in which the scale of the electron’s orbit would be about 2 1/2 miles away from the proton. Wiki answers, tells me the relative size of an atom to its nucleus, inner shell, if an atom was the size of baseball stadium, the nucleus would be the size of a flea perched on the pitcher’s mound; and next, if the atom is one mile [1.6 km] across the atomic nucleus would be two-thirds of an inch [< 2 cm] in diameter. From this we can state that the Atom is 99.9999 % empty space.

And 99.99% of visible matter in the universe is plasma, as I talk about in my blog “the Gravity of the Electric Universe Theory | 99.99% Plasma Universe“.

New stuff on animal’s navigating using magnetic fields coming up!

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