Reflection on the Emptiness of Efficiency and Money over Simply Embracing Life and Respecting the Interconnectedness

economic efficiency drives hollow relationship to nature and life

Not a museum, not a bank, designed 1921 to be simply a bread & pastry shop

In the modern world born of a heavy leaning on manufactured consent to economics as being the driving force of power, which is a fabrication of people, which others follow. Yuval Noah Harari talks of ’money’ as being the most successful story. It is the banks, insurance, pharmaceutical and technological companies that have towers demonstrating their wealth. As Noam Chomsky points out, the media is the propaganda tool to manufacture consent of the population.

Yet, after all, as demonstrated in the opulence of a bread and pastry shop, our nutrition and life, comes through integrating, caretaking and renewing all life, which sustains us. What is of more value? Water, nutrition and joy of life while taking the time to appreciate the experience? Or rushing through one’s food, to hurry back to working for an institution whose profits rest at the top, skimmed off by those who engineer society to be their economic servants and pawns. 

My bed of stones last night, well from 6 to 8am. Didn’t have a pad under the sleeping bag, exhaustion was the cushion. The most beautiful experience was listening to and watching the swallows frolicking in the sky as they breakfasted. 

Well, I would have had a better night’s sleep under the trellises of vines on a terrace than inside the dorm rooms of the hostel where people sit chatting into mid morning. However, I was asked to move after under 3 hours. Then I walked up a hill to a park, no adequate place away from people, the most dangerous predators. I walked up the narrow street, turned right through an arched area to restaurants. There was a garden bed of polished black stone, which were indenting into my skin after falling asleep there in my sleeping bag (not a bed of nails as a yogi mind over matter). I watched and listened at 6:30 am as dozens of swallows chirped and dashed around over my head. Delightful. I then was awoken not by police, but young employees who kindly asked me to wake up and leave. Smooth polished black stones were preferable to morning dew and a soggy sleeping bag. I might as well be doing a broadcast on sleeping in the rough, or mind over matter ~ mattress. And then i saw cafeteria across the street and it has commanded a full reflection on my own culture.

Ornate beauty, care and very thought provoking craftsmanship. The Australian grown son and his parents and i chatted. A bit about each of our lives. He and his wide lived 4 years in Malta, now in London. Said Malta has a lot of expats. We talked of how each of our native countries lacked the history, intricacies of architecture and dimension of spirit. I said that the culture has a sickness trickling down from the top. The father said it’s more like flooding. A systemic sickness that started to embed itself even 40 years ago, when I went to the university and students were more concerned about getting into careers – specifically to make the most money – and asking questions about how they could get the best grade the most easily, rather than gaining the most knowledge. The Australians agreed that the school systems are designed to shape and develop an obeisant population, groomed to be dutiful worker bees in the economics-based culture with multiple choice tests, rather than to be creative, free thinkers capable of critiquing the status quo. 

I later conversed with a local Portuguese man and a tourist as I watched locals (regulars) interacting with the women and tourists kind of disregarding that they could do the women a favor by simply taking back their trays.

This building of the bread pastry shop panera, panificaçaō, built in 1921, was crafted with such thorough dedication to the ingredients of a good life and of bread: bacchus statue “Bacchus was primarily known as the god of agriculture and wine, but was also associated with fertility, drama, and revelry. In regards to agriculture, he was depicted as a god of trees and forest, and was often sought ought to help the orchards grow.” The tiles of bees and wheat, tiles above of eggs guarded by roosters and of the flowers and wheat creating the bread. Loveliness and celebration of the interconnectedness of life and nature.@

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