We’re F**ked | Sept. 20 Global Climate Strike | UN Climate Summit Sept. 21st-23rd nYc

A short and sweet version of what’s been happening over the last decades, due to climate inaction – human induced global warming.

We are fucked Global Climate Strike Sept 20 2019_presenter

We are fucked Global Climate Strike Sept 20 2019_presenter

ich komme zum klimastreik sept. 20

ich komme zum klimastreik sept. 20 Toll dass Sie um Klimastreik_dabe

Toll dass Sie um Klimastreik Ich bin dabe September 20

Toll dass Sie um Klimastreik dabe

le 21 septembre ensemble dans la rue pour le climat

phoque l’inaction climatique – le 21 septembre ensemble dans la rue pour le climat

le 21 septembre marchons pour le climat et contre l_inaction

French choose 21st rather than 20th,
le 21 septembre marchons pour le climat et contre l_inaction

Greta Thunberg, Global Climate Strike Sept 20 2019, we need everyone

Hour interview by Amy Goodman on Democracy Now with 16-Year-Old Climate Activist Greta Thunberg, Global Climate Strike Sept 20 2019, we need everyone. “We Are Striking to Disrupt the System”

Greta Thunberg arrived in New York city a week ago, after crossing the Atlantic on a solar-powered, emission free sail boat.

Greta Thunberg, New York city, crossing the Atlantic, solar-powered, emission free sail boat

Greta Thunberg arrived in New York city a week ago, after crossing the Atlantic on a solar-powered, emission free sail boat.

Greta Thunberg, the Swedish girl who strikes school for climate awareness and responsibility of the media and particularly governments to TELL THE TRUTH, just sailed across the Atlantic to attend the UN Climate Action Summit and to be present for the Global Climate Strike September 20th to 27th, as she moves on to more climate awareness talks in South America.

United Nations greeted Greta Thunberg's arrival in New York with 17 boats - their sails describing sustainability goals

United Nations greeted Greta Thunberg’s arrival in New York with 17 boats – their sails describing sustainability goals

Global Climate Strike 20-27 Sept

Global Climate Strike 20-27 Sept

UN Climate Action Summit Sept. 2019

UN Climate Action Summit Sept. 2019

It’s nice to find independent media who do Tell the Truth about how corrupt right-wing leaders and governments worldwide would rather receive corporate money from industries (Brazil, Madagascar, Australia, USA…), preferring short-term profit gain, regardless of the havoc it causes to people and communities (who are seeking refuge) and destruction of life on the planet. Preferring to maintain a dynamic of fear and defense, profiting from manufacturing more roads, highways, automobiles, that are weapons to the earth and all its creatures, with 99% of the global human population suffering consequences.

The right for humans to seek exodus from their burned, parched or flooded homelands as refugees is the responsibility of the northern ‘post’ industrialized nations who have caused and exacerbated global warming and continue to accelerate levels of CO2; without taking any heed to slow it down.

Now is the time for us to boldly act and learn from one another and make massive adjustments to our habitual lifestyles.

It’s up to us to read, have conversations with one another and to recognize that government leaders in a democracy, need to be lead by the people. If the people do not elect leaders who are accountable to the health of the earth and all of its creatures, then jobs and profits for the 1%, account for nothing. Humans learn habits through generations, and humans can learn to break from the old and restructure through education and training, new habits that will benefit all. Who are you too busy for? You are too busy to care? All of our work, together, is to respect and love the earth and all its creatures. We are accountable to protect all of nature, and we need to hold governments accountable and stop corporate corruption (corpocrisy) and earth injustice. Where will you be?

Phoque l-inaction climatique. Fuck climate inaction. Which do you choose, a pay raise in hell, or making sacrifices of comfort and convenience – together – and working together with others to salvage heaven?

global climate strike sept 20-27 worldwide rebellion oct 7-18

global climate strike sept 20-27 worldwide rebellion oct 7-18

turtle coming out of hybernation, no planet B, respect for life, life over profit, heaven or hell

turtle coming out of hybernation
no planet B, respect for life, life over profit, hell or heaven on earth?

Joel Sartore, photo ark, blogger, Carol Keiter

Joel Sartore photo ark picture and the blogger, Carol Keiter

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International XR Extinction Rebellion Die-In

Extinction Rebellion Worldwide Die-In

Extinction Rebellion climate change activists stage mass ‘die-in’ protests across the globe to put spotlight on risk to human life

Protesters lie down in the streets in France, Australia, New Zealand, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Italy, The Netherlands and the UK.

and Germany, the USA….

“The actions were part of worldwide celebration at 12.05pm called by Extinction Rebellion Berlin following the protests that began in London in November 2018, which have since spawned a mass movement.”

Banksy, XR,  Extinction Rebellion artwork appears at protest, London Marble Arch

Banksy Extinction Rebellion artwork appears at protest site at London

‘Banksy’ Extinction Rebellion artwork appears at protest site at London’s Marble Arch

California signs up for China’s Belt and Road Forum to help in fight against climate change

“Although the US federal government has snubbed the Belt and Road Forum in Beijing, representatives from America’s most populous state are attending to drum up support for international efforts to tackle climate change.”

Responsible Legislation: Curb Idling Cars & Build Cycling Infrastructure

Rather than diving into where I left off on my book or starting the new blog that is calling me, I just put this together and sent it to the mayor’s office (contact form online). Feel free to copy and paste it if you are aware of this disconnect (lack of awareness) in your own community and wish to send some of the information to your own city government.

Responsible Legislation to curb idling cars and build safe bicycling infrastructure – taking local responsibility for a global problem of extreme warming.

red hot planet article by Jason Samenow for the Washington Post

red hot planet article by Jason Samenow for the Washington Post

In lieu of the fact that global temperatures continue to exceed the ‘normal’ averages, year after year as expressed in this article by Jason Samenow in the Washington Post, Red-hot planet: All-time heat records have been set all over the world during the past week It displays the obvious, human induced global warming. I am currently residing in Providence. I get around on a bicycle everywhere that I live. I joined the mayor’s bike ride on the Thursday evening before the PVDfest, to promote bicycling. I have lived in numerous communities in the United States and in several European cities. For example, Germany has an extensive recycling program and an enormous functional infrastructure for bicycling in urban and rural areas. One is not ‘risking one’s life’ to commute by bicycle as they are in most American places. The city of Berlin, Germany hosts maintained and distinct bicycle paths. The bicycle paths are not merely lines drawn on the road or a logo of a bike lane painted on the road, but actually the bike paths are on the sidewalk, with a designated side for cyclists, the other for pedestrians. Cities in France and Scandinavian countries do the same thing. To ride on the road with only a line designating a bike path, is to me, risking injury and death. Therefore to encourage bicycling rather than discouraging it, infrastructure needs to be created to support safe family bicycling.

The cycling infrastructure in the Netherlands is like a science.

Fietspad bicycle infrastructure in the Netherlands

Fietspad bicycle infrastructure in the Netherlands

The main point of this email is that as someone whose major form of transportation is bicycling, no matter what city or country, I have encountered in just the few months living here in Providence a stupendous number of people who sit in their cars with the engine on, idling, while typically looking down at their phones. People sitting in idling cars are not the exception, but the norm. This is not in exceedingly frigid temperatures or high heat, but pleasant temps. I quickly was able to ascertain that it is everywhere, nothing to do with education, socio economic class, race or age factors. 30% of the population are simply oblivious to how they are contributing to the climate crisis, and sorry to say, along with air conditioning units. I’m sure you are aware of the fact that Americans use much more energy and power than most of the other countries combined, and are directly and indirectly responsible for cataclysmic repercussions everywhere.

You can do the math. I feel the heat as I cycle past cars and smell the exhaust. As an acquaintance mentioned, if people could actually see carbon monoxide, it might be a different story. http://www.silentshadow.org/carbon-monoxide-in-your-car.html
This threat is not observable, like a disease, until it has rendered its affects on the body. Having lived 7 years in Berlin, Germany where I also bicycled, I would see people conscientiously ‘turning off their engine’ even at red lights. What in the world is this complete gap in awareness and education? I would have thought that in a New England capital city there would be a whole lot more awareness and education about this. I have made signs, I have tapped on windows, I have written to the mayor’s office and even mentioned this to the mayor in person during this bike ride.

By the way, sitting on a bus to return to Providence from New York city several weeks ago, the dispatcher called the bus driver and told her to turn off the ignition of the bus while she was waiting another 20 minutes prior to departure, regardless of how hot the bus becomes. She later informed me that in Manhattan, the fine is $2,000 per idling bus. Since people don’t seem to be cognizant whatsoever of their role in contributing to global warming, or their own actions, I suggest like cutting out the sales of HUGE sugary drinks, enforcing awareness upon them through instituting fines if people are found sitting in their cars with the engine on. A fine large enough to deter people from even thinking twice about it. And with the money accrued, build safe and convenient bicycling infrastructure. Lead the country in building community, in attracting people to healthier, sustainable habits that encourage people to exercise more and eat right and have awareness of how their actions affect the entire planet. Lead other cities by example of your proactive legislations.

This city is very, very easy and convenient to get around on bicycle, and it could be made to be even more bicycle friendly. And if you think I’m exaggerating or think that it is unimportant, put 15 of your police officers out on bicycles to see, feel and smell for themselves how an entire metropolitan population is contributing to the climate crisis that we are in, and seemingly completely oblivious. And if you have never heard of or read this prominent British journalist’s writings, I suggest that you do. http://www.monbiot.com/2018/07/02/in-memoriam/

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Carol Keiter the blogger

Carol Keiter the blogger

Build Bridges, Not Walls | 25th Anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall

Here is an arial shot tracing the former wall through the city of Berlin.

Berlin Wall Falling, falling of Berlin Wall, 25th anniversary falling of Berlin Wall

8,000 balloons in Berlin tracing the path of the former wall, which fell 25 years ago today, November 8, in 1989

I’m reposting this article in the Int’l Business Times, in which they’ve documented the 8,000 white balloons erected to trace the path of the former Berlin Wall from all different vantage points.

The light installation was developed by two artists, Christopher and Marc Bauder, set up along a 15 km (9.3 mi) stretch. The balloons were then released. One major states that they represent “Peace and Freedom”. This article has a video showing the celebration of the release of the balloons into the sky among crowd-packed streets in Berlin.


Put into effect in 1961, the Wall was built by the German Democratic Republic – (GDR) East Germany, and remained until November 9th, 1989 – 25 years ago today. The Wall extended hundreds of miles outside of Berlin, including many towns which were part of the Eastern Bloc. One man with whom I got a ride hitchhiking while traveling through Germany, was a football coach, raised in the East. He was lucky, his profession was easily absorbed by the West. However, many of his friends who had professions and degrees, weren’t so lucky. He candidly stated that in fact the comfort and security that people of the East had – by having all of their major needs provided (education/housing/food) – lacked the incentive to keep reaching forward in their careers. For example, because of not having the push that goes along with the pressures of capitalism – to strive and succeed in competition with others – left a population somewhat resigned to complacency. [I, the author, do not condone capitalism either – as I think that it leans towards consumerism and away from a healthy cooperation between people and their environment and appreciation and respect for all living things.]

The falling of the Wall lead to Germany’s Unification Treaty that was signed on the 20th of September in 1990. I mentioned being among the celebrations of Berlin’s ‘Tag der Einheit/Unification Day’ while living in Berlin in this former blog. http://carolkeiter.wordpress.com/2013/10/24/mid-october-berlin-whirlwind-review-unification-day-festival-of-lights/

This youtube video highlighting the former Wall through Berlin features the music that is sooooo typical of Berlin’s down tempo minimalist sound! The former Wall was constructed by the Soviet empire to keep the Eastern residents under Soviet rule, from entering the West. Ironically, when I first moved to Berlin in 1995, I soon recognized that residents of each side, still held this border within. I’d ask locals who lived on each side to join me to attend an event on the other side, and found that there was a reluctance. Young residents of the former East, had resistance to go to a happening in the West those in the West snubbed going to an event in the East. Naturally, as an Ausländer, I didn’t have this Wall in my head. I was surprised that it lingered in the hearts of even the youth.

I discovered this article in the New York Times by Michael Kimmelman since posting this blog, “Berlin After the Wall: A Microcosm of the World’s Chaotic Change”. It features video footage and interviews of how the light bridge was constructed. More importantly, the author talks about the expectations of how the city would change and about how the world has changed since the wall fell. He interviews a scientist and former civil rights leader of former East Germany, Jens Reich. “During those first years after the wall came down, the city was gloomy, industries were dying, communities dying,” Mr. Reich said. “Many Berliners fled to the suburbs. The elderly left. But then, unexpectedly, young people started moving into neighborhoods like mine, Prenzlauer Berg in the former East, and now children of those who left want to come back, except they can’t afford the rents because all the foreigners are driving prices up.”

The photo below is along the Spree, in a location which 15 years ago was still an empty lot with a bunch of cranes. All of this area had been bombed and flattened. The rubble since long gone, but still nothing remained. Since then, the array of government buildings were constructed, when the capital of Germany was relocated once again back to Berlin in 2000 from Bonn, Germany. This shot is fairly close to the Reichstag along the Spree river which runs through Berlin.

Balloons tracing path of former Berlin Wall along Spree river in Berlin.

among the 8,000 balloons tracing the former path of the Berlin Wall, which fell November 9th, 1989

Strangely, as this article in the LA Times points out, the far-right National Front party has gained ground in France.

Worth Taking Your Time to Breath In All of This Message

Earth Upworthy, Home

Our Earth, Our Home

I happened to look at this eloquent short video by Bitthu Sahgal brought to us through Upworthy. It brought tears to my eyes. Densely populated with images and edited so articulately that the message is profound. It is a testimony to our home, the earth, which humans share with all of its creatures. Our earth, our mother, is hurting, from what we humans have been doing. Human beings have the unique capacity to grasp this information, understand its implications and do something about it, before it is too late.

Upworthy Video If you Live on Earth

If You Live On Earth, You Must Watch This



“If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor” – Desmond Tutu.

In other words, one who witnesses something that is wrong and does nothing, is an accomplice.

I want

Human Want and Greed

sliced up earth looks like circuit board

Slicing up the natural world until it looks like a circuit board


We Share Our Planet, Kumi Naidoo GreenPeace

We Share Our Planet, Help Us Remind Those Who Forget

Issac Cordal Politicians Discussing Global Warmingl

Politicians Discussing Global Warming

This sculpture by Issac Cordal in Berlin is called “Politicians discussing global warming.”

Below are several links to blogs I’ve written previously, regarding recognizing how precious our earth is, having compassion for the creatures that share this earth and leaning in to taking responsibility towards doing what we can to change our habits. We need to bring her back into balance, and make this our top priority.


Banksy street art Global Warming

Global Warming




Carbon Capture How It Happens

Read about and watch these videos to familiarize yourself with the impact of your actions & educate yourself about how your own personal actions can positively affect change!: The Story of Stuff: The Impact of Overconsumption on the Planet, Our Communities, and Our Health-And How We Can Make It Better

The Story_Of_Stuff _ Annie Leonard

The Story Of Stuff Project Annie Leonard

People's Climate March September 21st NYC

People’s Climate March September 21st NYC

Water Dragon

Water Dragon

If you wish to donate to my cause of sharing information, please do so. If you are aware of any groups or individuals who may wish to listen to my intentions and help me to reach them, please help to guide me and put me together with those who may wish to financially help me reach these goals. My intentions are to continue to write, photograph, illustrate, compose music and basically communicate in order to educate the public about social injustice, raising peoples’ awareness about what they can do to have a lighter environmental footprint, advocating for animals through writing and producing music that gives a voice to creatures whose time is limited due to habitat loss and poaching as well as completing the writing of my interactive eBook which is geared as a multi-lingual educational tool involving a great deal of scientific discovery, for which I will compose music for a soundtrack. It all takes time, and it’s worth it. I’ll be happy to join a group full-time who are involved in projects of this sort as well.

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My first intention was to blog this announcement: I must shift from merely writing blogs to gaining income through submitting articles to publications, and subsequently linking these to my blogs. It will be a much more convoluted process; taking the time and effort to research first what publications may want to print the information I write, and then after sending the query, waiting to hear from them. I have little choice, since I have no income whatsoever.

An article I will write promptly, is a social anthropological one. It came from a conversation that I had last evening, in which i was bringing up parallel points that are all cases involving increased community, at the cost of less freedom. The examples tied together are through people I have known who have delivered their first-hand observations of communities in which they lived. Hopefully, you will get to read this if one of the publications or internet magazine sites that I send the query to opt to print it.

Joel Sartore, animal catalogue

Picture of primate, compliments of Joel Sartore’s photo catalogue of species and me, Carol Keiter the blogger


B e r l i n s t r e e t s e r i e s | m u s i c | R o t a t i o n S t r a s s e n M u s i k 2013

Yet another musical festival erupted in Berlin

the Rotation Street Music Fest happened today, September 21st, on the eve of the Autumnal Equinox

Just around the corner from this rather steely industrial drab view of Berlinberlins_industrial_horizon_fernsehenturm

And perhaps because of it berlins_industrial_skyline_warschauerbrueck_bicyclist

do arts come into focus, even in the background

gigantic graffiti realistic images

gigantic graffiti realistic images

this was on my way to discovering the street music festival, called Rotation

Friedrichshain street music festival September 21st

Friedrichshain street music festival September 21st










Berlin Art Week | Grand Opening 9/17/13 on August Straße | 6 days, 21 venues

Berlin art fans had the fortune of faire weather for Berlin Art Week’s outdoor Grand Opening on August Straße. Here’s the Berlin Tourist information guide to Berlin Art Week 2013 in English as well.

Berlin Art Week opening on August Straße in Mitte  September 17, 2013

Berlin Art Week opening on August Straße in Mitte
September 17, 2013

Berlin Art Week September 17th - 6 days, 21 venues

Berlin Art Week September 17th – 6 days, 21 venues

Hundreds compacted the street, snaked up stairs and brushed past one another in and out of galleries along the chic Mitte street in the center of Berlin.

August Straße glowing stage

August Straße glowing stage

The KW (Kunst-Werk/Art Work) Institute for Contemporary Art on Auguststraße 69 was as well naturally clogged with people.

KW Institute for Contemporary Art on Auguststraße 69

KW Institute for Contemporary Art on Auguststraße 69

I was captivated with Astrid Köppe’s work ‘Pareidolia’ in Galerie Weißer Elefant on August Strasse 21, up the rear stairs to the 1st floor.

She featured eloquent prints, in which she constructed with hair-thin lines and bubbles, glaringly simple and elegant forms. Many of them emulating nature, in my interpretation.

Artist Astrid Köppe's Pareidolia series

Artist Astrid Köppe’s Pareidolia series

artist_Astrid Köppe_Pareidolia_series_octopus_like

artist_Astrid Köppe_Pareidolia_series_2

artist_Astrid Köppe_Pareidolia_series_1

Her exhibition also consisted of physically interactive installations

Astrid Köppe's bubbling wall installation

Astrid Köppe’s bubbling wall installation

among bold paintings

along with some humorous twists, featuring glamorous portraits of the artist herself in her eyelash fingernail series.

Astrid Köppe's eyelash fingernail self portraits.

Astrid Köppe’s eyelash fingernail self portraits.

Astrid Köppe's eyelash fingernail self portraits.

Astrid Köppe’s eyelash fingernail self portraits.

The Alfred Ehrhardt Stiftung (Foundation) on Augustrstr. 75 featured Ute Behrend’s works with pairs; Conifer Club/Second Glance.

Ute_Behrend's series of photographs in pairs at th Alfred Ehrhardt Stiftung

Ute_Behrend’s series of photographs in pairs at th Alfred Ehrhardt Stiftung

The festivities included live music on a stage and several dj’s spinning as people congregated to dance before their turntables. A highlight before the street was closed down, was when a Policeman came to shut down a dj’s music, to which the crowd in unison boomed a dropping-tone reactive plea to the Police officer when he arrived…and without a skip in the beat, responded with a crescendoing cheer when the music promptly started again. Animated to get in that last song, the crowd (including myself) danced emphatically as the dj played his last song; a very appropriate hiphop tune that started with words announcing ‘the last song’. The jumpn’ beats pitched to a crashing, noise violating climax, during which time you could detect the officer’s increased agitation. Then the beats picked up for a last danceable stretch before the turntables came to a stop.

dj gesticulating and dancing as agitated policeman waits

dj gesticulating and dancing as agitated policeman waits

As the turntables spun out that last song, it gave the dj freedom to move away from them – climb onto a speaker for a bit – and fully interact with the crowd as he mouthed the words, danced and gestured > true hiphop style. Those last minutes seemed grueling for the police officer, as he patiently waited at the decks for the song to come to an end.
glowing turntables on Auguststrasse

glowing turntables on Auguststrasse

It was fantastic.

B e r l i n s t r e e t s e r i e s / s a t i r i c a l s t e n c i l \ g r a f f i t i > f e a t A l i a s

Alias works: Don't Tell Anyone

Alias works:
Don’t Tell Anyone

Alias Works: Head in Hands

Alias Works:
Head in Hands

I discovered this Alias works’ below a few years ago, strolling in the Hinterhof (back courtyard) of Hackescher Markt, actually the (zweiter hinterhof / two courtyards’ deep) in Mitte, Berlin, Germany. It’s enormity of expression speaks for itself. I posted it then in this blog. https://digesthis.wordpress.com/2010/08/11/mo-mitte-and-graffiti-pics/

Alias: PicketinG for a better Future

Alias: PicketinG for a better Future

It appears that Alias is still ever present in Berlin.

And now, I digress.

In my own works towards creating a better future for myself, after returning to Berlin just under two moons ago, I’ve immersed myself in doing the necessary proactive stuff. I’ve come to embrace the 3 P’s as my allies: patience, persistence and pleasure, to get me through the language and beaurocratic impasses, while fluidly interacting with the life around me as a connect – from the abundant disconnects.

Electricity and internet connections allow me to stroll through the avenues of classified ads, posting and reading posts (in my work and housing searches), connecting with friends, hearing about events, and going to them, along with dropping into nature with biking and swimming and ultimate frisbee in parks. Sometimes a local bibliotek or loitering way too many hours beyond what that cup of coffee should have allowed me to get away with at Sankt Oberholz, sending out wires for work while studying topics and further writing…

Yesterday, at the end of two 10 hour ‘work’ days, I perused facebook during leisure hours. I saw a quote on an acquaintance’s wall – who was and still is – connected to the ccc’s events back in San Francisco in the day, before it, along with a plethora of other arts and co-oped music places were dislocated from the burgeoning economics, greedily feeding the new start-up scene. Not to be confused with the ccc – chaos computer club – in Berlin, the former San Francisco based ccc – consortium of collective consciousness – is a psychedelic Goa trance family founded by Brad Olsen's original ccc logo - consortium of collective consciousness Brad Olsen. The ccc warehouse took the plunge, a year after documenting in that year’s HowWeird Street Fair (also founded by Brad Olsen), the dislocation of 180 or so local businesses that had been cut out of their leases by landlords, due to the real estate bubble that was bursting.

I was about to write this quote which resonated with me, as I sat with my newly hooked up internet cable stretched into my room (attempting to avoid asphyxiation from cigarette smoking in my current shared housing residence) the only place where WiFi is achievable, the common space kitchen.

“Everything changes when you start to emit your own frequency rather than absorbing the frequencies around you…

…when you start imprinting your intent on the Universe rather than receiving an imprint from existence.”

Having just adjusted the furniture to enable me to sit at a table in my bright, unsmoke-filled room to work, I was contentedly writing away – journaling about how content I am with all the effort I’ve been putting out and generally happy and hopeful feeling… when there was a knock on the door, which was opened before I said “come in”. I’m sure the intentions were good, with a new ‘longer’ internet cable to stretch into my room. However, 25 minutes later, after having moved my table now 4 times, hooking up to a new, then to the old, cable. Ultimately, I had no internet connection at all. After being met with hostility and accusations, I now was pitched into a new range of unpleasant emotions, notching up my vocal expulsions.

I chose to relocate, to a local library. Then their internet connection shortcomings pitched me out of there as well, unable to continue the flow. Then I went to another place and encountered someone yelling at these other people, which pitched then into an argument. I left that place too, then sat briefly with an acquaintance. We revealed to each other a bit about each others‘ lives.

I learned that he’s actually Austrian, that his grandfather was a Nazi who had the SS tattoed under the armpit of his left arm. And that his father, a sailor, went to French Guiana where he met his mother, a darker skinned native there. He explained that his childhood was a strange mixed-up world, in which his father worried that his kids would be dark skinned…yet each of the four are faire. He told me this with his now distinctly more apparent African features, and pale blue eyes. We parted company on each of our bicycles, and I wound up back at home. After probing the connection in my room which still no longer worked, I’m back in the kitchen, about to have a cig myself, just to acclimate to the local climate’ -)

So, regarding imprinting your intent on the Universe, rather than receiving an imprint from existence, well, the same applies; patience, persistence and pleasure > the embodiment of pleasure to me is motion, moving towards what pleases and away from that which impinges on pleasure.

Alias kid head in hands and woman beneath featured by AndBerlin

Alias kid head in hands and woman beneath featured by andberlin

This AndBerlin blog features Alias sightings

And this AndBerlin blog captures a lot of the essence of the fabulous large scale art you see from the streets in Berlin.

Carol the blogger, snap shot in Mauerpark Berlin by a FRenchBerlinonBike blogger

Carol the blogger, snap shot in Mauerpark Berlin by a FRenchBerlinonBike blogger

B e r l i n s t r e e t s e r i e s / s a t i r i c a l s t e n c i l \ d a p p e r d e s i g n

Back on Berlin’s pavements

met with surprises

comically clever

delightfully satirical

s t e n c i l

d e s i g n

g r a f f i t i

For starters, the freshly discovered ‘let’s party’ stencil series, fresh for me anyway!

Remember the night we all went to bed on time? Me neither.    Lets Party

Remember the night we all went to bed on time? Me neither. Lets Party

Have Less do More

Have Less do More Let’s Party

archives await

Oct. 24th | Global Day of Climate Action | 350.org



Silent Climate Parade

Oct. 24th | Global Day of Climate Action | 350.org

October 24th is the ‘Global Day of Climate Action’ organized by Bill McKibben, who’s behind 350.org.  350 ppm are the top level of particulates – carbon dioxide particles in parts per million – that can be tolerated in our atmosphere in order to reach a sustainable level, to make a dent along the global warming axis towards disaster.  We need to cap at this amount, to reverse the process, or attempt to slow it down.

Here’s an excellent 6 min. video of 350 dot org’s Berlin, Germany Silent Climate Parade 2013 (different year, but captures the essence)

excellent 6 min. video of 350 dot org, Silent Climate zparade,Berlin, Germany 2013, captures the essencr

excellent 6 min. video of 350 dot org silent climate parade Berlin, Germany 2013 (different year, but captures the essence)

The impetus of the voices around the world calling attention to this is to put forth to the attendees of the Copenhagen Climate Conference glaring ahead, the need to acknowledge the importance of making a coordinated worldwide effort to reduce the number of particles contaminating the environment to a sustainable level of 350ppm.

This will be the most widespread day of political global action in world history.  4,500 events have been planned in 177 countries.  McKibben mentioned in an interview with Amy Goodman of “Democracy Now”that the people of the United States “are the most addicted, and therefore most in denial” about the issue.

I’ll be attending among others the Berlin, Germany, Silent Climate Parade. Here are pics from 350 dot org Climate movements worldwide. https://www.flickr.com/photos/350org/4046302796
350.org Ravers on the Boulevard Unter den Linden in Berlin, credit: Lars Borges

And by the way, this is an interesting graphic chart to wrap your thoughts around and digest:

information is beautiful.net/visualizations/the-billion-dollar-gram.

By the way, here in Berlin is the last evening of the Festival of Lights, so catch it while you can.


aloha  |  Be present and share the breath | essence of life.

Aloha in the Hawaiian language means affection, love, peace, compassion and mercy.     http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aloha