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Alias works: Don't Tell Anyone

Alias works:
Don’t Tell Anyone

Alias Works: Head in Hands

Alias Works:
Head in Hands

I discovered this Alias works’ below a few years ago, strolling in the Hinterhof (back courtyard) of Hackescher Markt, actually the (zweiter hinterhof / two courtyards’ deep) in Mitte, Berlin, Germany. It’s enormity of expression speaks for itself. I posted it then in this blog. https://digesthis.wordpress.com/2010/08/11/mo-mitte-and-graffiti-pics/

Alias: PicketinG for a better Future

Alias: PicketinG for a better Future

It appears that Alias is still ever present in Berlin.

And now, I digress.

In my own works towards creating a better future for myself, after returning to Berlin just under two moons ago, I’ve immersed myself in doing the necessary proactive stuff. I’ve come to embrace the 3 P’s as my allies: patience, persistence and pleasure, to get me through the language and beaurocratic impasses, while fluidly interacting with the life around me as a connect – from the abundant disconnects.

Electricity and internet connections allow me to stroll through the avenues of classified ads, posting and reading posts (in my work and housing searches), connecting with friends, hearing about events, and going to them, along with dropping into nature with biking and swimming and ultimate frisbee in parks. Sometimes a local bibliotek or loitering way too many hours beyond what that cup of coffee should have allowed me to get away with at Sankt Oberholz, sending out wires for work while studying topics and further writing…

Yesterday, at the end of two 10 hour ‘work’ days, I perused facebook during leisure hours. I saw a quote on an acquaintance’s wall – who was and still is – connected to the ccc’s events back in San Francisco in the day, before it, along with a plethora of other arts and co-oped music places were dislocated from the burgeoning economics, greedily feeding the new start-up scene. Not to be confused with the ccc – chaos computer club – in Berlin, the former San Francisco based ccc – consortium of collective consciousness – is a psychedelic Goa trance family founded by Brad Olsen's original ccc logo - consortium of collective consciousness Brad Olsen. The ccc warehouse took the plunge, a year after documenting in that year’s HowWeird Street Fair (also founded by Brad Olsen), the dislocation of 180 or so local businesses that had been cut out of their leases by landlords, due to the real estate bubble that was bursting.

I was about to write this quote which resonated with me, as I sat with my newly hooked up internet cable stretched into my room (attempting to avoid asphyxiation from cigarette smoking in my current shared housing residence) the only place where WiFi is achievable, the common space kitchen.

“Everything changes when you start to emit your own frequency rather than absorbing the frequencies around you…

…when you start imprinting your intent on the Universe rather than receiving an imprint from existence.”

Having just adjusted the furniture to enable me to sit at a table in my bright, unsmoke-filled room to work, I was contentedly writing away – journaling about how content I am with all the effort I’ve been putting out and generally happy and hopeful feeling… when there was a knock on the door, which was opened before I said “come in”. I’m sure the intentions were good, with a new ‘longer’ internet cable to stretch into my room. However, 25 minutes later, after having moved my table now 4 times, hooking up to a new, then to the old, cable. Ultimately, I had no internet connection at all. After being met with hostility and accusations, I now was pitched into a new range of unpleasant emotions, notching up my vocal expulsions.

I chose to relocate, to a local library. Then their internet connection shortcomings pitched me out of there as well, unable to continue the flow. Then I went to another place and encountered someone yelling at these other people, which pitched then into an argument. I left that place too, then sat briefly with an acquaintance. We revealed to each other a bit about each others‘ lives.

I learned that he’s actually Austrian, that his grandfather was a Nazi who had the SS tattoed under the armpit of his left arm. And that his father, a sailor, went to French Guiana where he met his mother, a darker skinned native there. He explained that his childhood was a strange mixed-up world, in which his father worried that his kids would be dark skinned…yet each of the four are faire. He told me this with his now distinctly more apparent African features, and pale blue eyes. We parted company on each of our bicycles, and I wound up back at home. After probing the connection in my room which still no longer worked, I’m back in the kitchen, about to have a cig myself, just to acclimate to the local climate’ -)

So, regarding imprinting your intent on the Universe, rather than receiving an imprint from existence, well, the same applies; patience, persistence and pleasure > the embodiment of pleasure to me is motion, moving towards what pleases and away from that which impinges on pleasure.

Alias kid head in hands and woman beneath featured by AndBerlin

Alias kid head in hands and woman beneath featured by andberlin

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Carol the blogger, snap shot in Mauerpark Berlin by a FRenchBerlinonBike blogger

Carol the blogger, snap shot in Mauerpark Berlin by a FRenchBerlinonBike blogger

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For starters, the freshly discovered ‘let’s party’ stencil series, fresh for me anyway!

Remember the night we all went to bed on time? Me neither.    Lets Party

Remember the night we all went to bed on time? Me neither. Lets Party

Have Less do More

Have Less do More Let’s Party

archives await