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I just organized my Faber-Castell watercolor paintings that I’ve done over the last few years. This prompted me to update my  Collection and put it out in cyberspace.

I love doing portraits of people and animals which are penci,  charcoal and pastels.


art, creativity, Carol Keiter, portraits, drawings, paintings, sketches, pastels

art, creativity, portraits, drawings, paintings, sketches, pastels

art, creativity, Carol Keiter, portraits, drawings, paintings, sketches, pastels

art, creativity, collection, drawings, paints

art, creativity, Carol Keiter, portraits, drawings, paintings, sketches, pastels

art, creativity, collection, drawings, paints

art, creativity, Carol Keiter, portraits, drawings, paintings, sketches, pastels

art, creativity, portraits, drawings, paintings, sketches, pastels

art, creativity, Carol Keiter, portraits, drawings, paintings, sketches, pastels

art, creativity, portraits, drawings, paintings, sketches, pastels

art, creativity, Carol Keiter, portraits, drawings, paintings, sketches, pastels

art, creativity, portraits, drawings, paintings, sketches, pastels

Carol Keiter the blogger 2019-02-22.

Carol Keiter aka nomadbeatz welcomes donations for her writing, photography, illustrations, eBook & music composition

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Carol Keiter contact card

Carol Keiter contact card

Progressive creation of the captivating tree | Faber Castell Water Color Pencils

captivated with this tree

I completed this first one, captivated with the tree on the lower right hand corner, in two sittings. . I did this today, Cinco de Mayo at Roger Williams park in Providence, Rhode Island, outside of the Botanical Gardens.

Here’s the latest rendition

elegant tree, robin

elegant tree
new rendition
robin that lives there

tree i’m captivated with near the Botanical Garden in Roger Williams park

by the Botanical gardens in Roger Williams park, Providence, RI

Below is my first rendition.

tree, captivated , Botanical Garden, Roger Williams park

elegant tree, robin

Faber Castell water color pencils with a brush and water

flickr link to my colored pencil watercolor painting of the elegant tree that I fell in love with a week ago

This is today’s, May 14th, a week later – more space in between to breath.

Young adult educational eBook | A Seahorse Tale – A Spin on the Matter of Motion

I believe this eBook will build enthusiasm and intrigue for multiple subjects, It is a science reference book, cloaked in a science fantasy adventure; replete with real science and resplendent illustrations; with graphs, charts and links for further investigation.

A Seahorse Tale – A Spin on the Matter of Motion

Young adult educational eBook for public, private, magnet, charter, cyber, home-schools, autism spectrum, experiential and expeditionary learning.

Here’s the trailer:

I just decided to post this letter of introduction which I’m sending to Charter Schools, to each of my blogs, since perhaps someone who’s involved in education, eBook marketing and publishing, with an affiliation with Charter Schools or knows-how in marketing an educational eBook, to provide me with advice or send someone my way!

It’s not finished, but I thought I’d start with the back-end, or front-end, getting it out there.

…I’m looking for the appropriate person/department (academic materials, material acquisition) to market my eBook, which I believe will be of interest to students as an auxiliary learning tool.

A Seahorse Tale – A Spin on the Matter of Motion

Young Adult educational ebook, A Seahorse Tale, A Spin on the Matter of Motion, TOC, Table of Contents, New Version, Carol Keiter

A Seahorse Tale – A Spin on the Matter of Motion Trailer

This science fantasy adventure involves a spiritual quest (no religious affiliation), full of art and science. The adventure involves the quest of a young woman and the characters she meets in her journey, into an upside-down world. Not really upside down, but a place affected by electromagnetism that has lower gravity levels as one climbs to this place. The people there, where the main character is journeying to, have a correspondingly intrinsic capacity of transparent thought. They are conscious of each others’ thoughts and consequently incapable of telling lies. Yet most of the story takes place as Adora journeys there – as there could be sequels!

Frankly, as of June 1st (almost two weeks since posting this), after editing and moving around information as well as researching and editing bibliography sources, the information below has been updated, and still is no longer current! Nevertheless, you get the gist of the contents! I’ve been working hard within a strict time limit – a really good thing.


2020 Version, TOC, Table of Contents, Carol Keiter, Young Adult educational ebook, A Seahorse Tale, A Spin on the Matter of Motion

2021 Version, TOC, Table of Contents, Carol Keiter, Young Adult educational ebook, A Seahorse Tale, A Spin on the Matter of Motion

The approximately 150 page eBook (Completion end of June, 2017), is designed to be read from beginning to end, or to be read in segments. Almost every page introduces a particular subject; including graphs, charts and links to further investigation of that topic. The online Table of Contents and Bibliography allow the reader to choose from various educational subjects, ranging from biology, climatology, and geography to physics, These scientific topics of inquiry are introduced as they arise in the story; with the inference that these hypothetical events in a fantastical environment, could actually transpire.

Here are a few pages of the bibliography, also subject to change. I’m using google docs in order to also alphabetize the bibliography by subject.

Bibliography created in google docs to feature alphabetical listing by subject.

Bibliography created in google docs to feature alphabetical listing by subject

Bibliography created in google docs to feature alphabetical listing by subject.

Adora & Vitali: A Spin on the Matter of Motion has a plethora of art accompanying the science links, providing the reader with the capability to further investigate a topic. It is a colorful and refreshing learning tool for students and adults. The eBook is a stepping stone of intrigue for subsequent exploration into a multitude of scientific topics.

character name meanings and association with elements

character name meanings and association with elements

I’m an independent contractor who has been writing two blogs since 2009, I’m particularly interested in environmental sustainability, renewable energy, (DIY) do-it-yourself practices to reduce one’s carbon footprint, reinvesting in the community and especially the topics of wildlife and animal habitat preservation. I participated in a 2 week educational forum about the environment in Paris, during the COP21 Climate Talks in Paris, As a writer, artist, musician and composer, I have no umbrella organization presently supporting me financially. I welcome any suggestions you may have regarding the eBook world of publishing, as I have yet to approach any publishers. I can provide you with additional sections of the book to view its layout and presentation.
(720) 243-2953

ebook trailer:



art portfolio:

music composition:

Carol Keiter Contact card

Carol Keiter Contact card

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Carol Keiter aka nomadbeatz welcomes donations for her writing, photography, illustrations, eBook & music composition!

Carol Keiter le_blogger, writer & illustrator, musician & composer

Carol Keiter le_blogger, writer & illustrator, musician & composer

Dr. Kushal Konwar Sarma the Elephant Doctor | Wildlife Researcher and Veterinarian

On March 2nd, a world-renowned wildlife researcher and veterinarian, Dr. Kushal Konwar Sarma, gave a speech about his work at the Santa Fe public library, hosted by the local chapter of the Outreach of the Defenders of Wildlife. He is working presently in the department of Surgery and Radiology at the Veterinary College in Guwahati, in Assam India.

Assam is a state in northeastern India known for its wildlife, archeological sites and tea plantations.

He was flown to the United States to give this presentation, sponsored by local patrons. Dr. Sarma conducted a warm and informative speech. He has worked for over 30 years as a veterinarian in the wild.

Dr. Kushal Konwar Sarma The, Elephant Doctor of Assam

Dr. Kushal Konwar Sarma The Elephant Doctor of Assam

At that time, the audience, which was full capacity, were urged by the hosts, the Santa Fe chapter of the Defenders of Wildlife, to contact our New Mexico State senators within the following days regarding (SB 81) the Game Commission Reform Bill, about to arrive for a vote to protect wildlife.

Michael Dax, a New Mexico Outreach Representative of the Defenders of Wildlife organized the event. Another organizer of Dr. Sarma’s visit was Janie Chodosh, who earned her master’s degree in environmental science a the University of Montana, and has worked as a naturalist at Yosemite National Park as a wilderness guide for the Colorado Outward Bound School. As a conservationist and writer, Ms. Chodosh conducted an in depth interview of over 47 hours in Assam, India of Dr. Kushal Konwar Sarma, regarding his tremendous work as a veterinarian and wildlife researcher who has worked with elephants in the wild for decades.

The state of Assam, India has the largest population of Elephants. Dr. K. K. Sarma began his talk saying that he’s a servant of animals. He talked of how charismatic elephants are. Regarding the fact that rogue male elephant ‘Bulls’ have a tendency to become quite boisterous and roudy, and can endanger people’s lives or property when they are in this high testosterone animated state. Basically these rogue bulls play an evolutionary role in that the healthiest and hardiest young bull will overtake the older male, and produce a herum of its own due to its success in competing with the older males.

Stories in the Field, Janie Chodosh, Elephant Doctor, Dr. K K Sarma

Stories in the Field Janie Chodosh interviews the Elephant Doctor Dr. K K Sarma

Dr. Sarma has devised a method of subduing rogue bulls by physically entering the elephant’s space to give them a sedative, risking injury or death to himself, in order to circumvent the potential death of the elephant by people who fear having their property or themselves injured during this short period of the elephant’s roudyness. Dr. Sarma has subdued 138 rogue bulls in 37 range countries over the last decades. He created an Elephant Emergency Response team.

Dr. Sarma states that Asian elephants are seriously endangered. I assumed that this was due to poaching and the black market for ivory. In fact, Asian elephants do not have tusks. Dr. Sarma stated that the greatest threat to Asian elephants is human over-population. Humans have allowed themselves to breed ferociously. The population is growing exponentially. He mentioned that Bangladesh is a breeding ground of humanity.

Bangladeshi population 161 million)

Bangladeshi population (currently 161 million) doubles every 30-40 years

population explosion Bangladesh

population explosion in Bangladesh

Basically, overpopulation encroaches on wildlife habitat, and leads to habitat loss. Subsequently, the territory of elephants is shrinking and the connectivity of their migratory corridors are not just being severed, they are gone.

I later discerned that Muslims do not support the education or implementation of birth control, because it is contrary to their religion. A traveler reminded me that the meaning of the word Muslim according to the Koran, is ‘to serve’. And to serve one’s god/Allah, is to multiply.

Elephants need a large area to roam through. They are highly social, and matriarchal. Dr. Sarma mentions that Assam, India is a biodiversity hotspot. It is a state located in the eastern most part of India near the borders/bordering of Myamar/Burma and Thailand. Kaziranga National Park has the highest Rhino population. As he works with many species, he pointed out that Gorillas live only in the trees, so that when forests are cut down, they have no where to go. He mentioned that in 200 of forest, there is not a single tree. And that the lumber industry creates soil erosion, so that there have been devastating floods. Therefore one finds elephants of all places, in British Tea gardens, one of the only green places to find refuge. Dr. Sarma mentioned in addition, that Tiger and Rhino poaching is prevalent in China and Vietnam.

Assam's tea gardens, home to wild animals

Assam’s tea gardens become second home to wild animals

He mentioned that various religions of India recognize elephants as special creatures. In general, Buddhists respect life and wish no harm to wildlife. Hindus have a popular god, Ganesha – with an elephant’s head and trunk. Naturally, they wish to honor and protect elephants. The dissemination of elephant territory began when India was annexed by Great Britain. The British colonialists, began the path of destruction of land with their industrial demands of the resources India provided of timber, coal and petroleum. They began to also use elephants physical to transport timber and other resources they were extracting from their new playground India. In 1947 India became independent.

Reasons to support elephant conservation

In efforts to educate us, the public, about the practical reasons for humans to support elephant conservation, is mentions that elephants are a ‘Flagship species’.

“Wherever elephants are present, forests survive.”

In the network of interdependent species in an ecosystem, elephants demonstrate that the forest is healthy. They create a canopy for other animals to coexist.

Elephants are good teachers. One can learn from them by observing the many resources elephants utilize with their extensive knowledge of plants, on how to heal themselves, prevent illness and use various remedies and techniques with plants and nature as tools. For example, practitioners of Ayurvedic medicine in India follow and observe elephants to adapt their own medicinal practices. They observe what species of plants elephants gravitate to, to use for their own purposes of preventive medicine. For example, elephants eat bark from a certain tree to deworm themselves. Elephants never get cancer. They eat a plant that Azim B53.

Tea estates Assam India corridors for elephants to pass

Tea estates in Assam create natural corridors for elephants to pass through

painted elephants Lunar Elephants Laden

> Elephants are very intelligent. Elephants dispense seeds. They can hear from long distances, but are poor sportsmen. He mentioned.

How to protect elephants

• Mahatma Ghandhi during his rule, designated October 2nd as “Elephant Day”
• elephant awareness
• Lunar Elephants Laden
• elephant healthcare
• preservation of habitat
• reconnect elephant corridors > relocate people and buildings from elephant corridors
• fencing:
§ bio-fencing
§ solar electric fences
§ citrus fences have thorns which thwart the animals from crossing them
• mixing and burning chili powder from Assam with cow dung repels elephants
• night guard lights : for $2.50, these lights emulate the eyes of a tiger, to discourage elephants from moving towards them (sort of like the scarecrow tactic)
• fencing villages instead of fencing elephants
• develop water areas with vegetation to attract elephants
• one tea garden created a “Community Elephant Refuge”
• using people and specialists to define elephant corridors and to place people to MOUNT/DIRECT/PROTECT/DIVERT elephant herds
• eco-development committee
• ecotourism
• governors 80 mitigation

He concluded his speech reminding the audience that we must leave pure air, soil and water for the next generation. It is our duty not to exploit and ruin the earth. I was very inspired and appreciative that I had the opportunity to listen to and meet this man.

Hindu, Muslim. NGM, National Geographic Magazine

The royalty of India—Hindu and Muslim—understood long ago that power was best wielded from the back of an elephant. National Geographic Magazine

Carol Keiter the blogger

Carol Keiter the blogger

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Worth Taking Your Time to Breath In All of This Message

Earth Upworthy, Home

Our Earth, Our Home

I happened to look at this eloquent short video by Bitthu Sahgal brought to us through Upworthy. It brought tears to my eyes. Densely populated with images and edited so articulately that the message is profound. It is a testimony to our home, the earth, which humans share with all of its creatures. Our earth, our mother, is hurting, from what we humans have been doing. Human beings have the unique capacity to grasp this information, understand its implications and do something about it, before it is too late.

Upworthy Video If you Live on Earth

If You Live On Earth, You Must Watch This



“If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor” – Desmond Tutu.

In other words, one who witnesses something that is wrong and does nothing, is an accomplice.

I want

Human Want and Greed

sliced up earth looks like circuit board

Slicing up the natural world until it looks like a circuit board


We Share Our Planet, Kumi Naidoo GreenPeace

We Share Our Planet, Help Us Remind Those Who Forget

Issac Cordal Politicians Discussing Global Warmingl

Politicians Discussing Global Warming

This sculpture by Issac Cordal in Berlin is called “Politicians discussing global warming.”

Below are several links to blogs I’ve written previously, regarding recognizing how precious our earth is, having compassion for the creatures that share this earth and leaning in to taking responsibility towards doing what we can to change our habits. We need to bring her back into balance, and make this our top priority.

Banksy street art Global Warming

Global Warming



Carbon Capture How It Happens

Read about and watch these videos to familiarize yourself with the impact of your actions & educate yourself about how your own personal actions can positively affect change!: The Story of Stuff: The Impact of Overconsumption on the Planet, Our Communities, and Our Health-And How We Can Make It Better

The Story_Of_Stuff _ Annie Leonard

The Story Of Stuff Project Annie Leonard

People's Climate March September 21st NYC

People’s Climate March September 21st NYC

Water Dragon

Water Dragon

If you wish to donate to my cause of sharing information, please do so. If you are aware of any groups or individuals who may wish to listen to my intentions and help me to reach them, please help to guide me and put me together with those who may wish to financially help me reach these goals. My intentions are to continue to write, photograph, illustrate, compose music and basically communicate in order to educate the public about social injustice, raising peoples’ awareness about what they can do to have a lighter environmental footprint, advocating for animals through writing and producing music that gives a voice to creatures whose time is limited due to habitat loss and poaching as well as completing the writing of my interactive eBook which is geared as a multi-lingual educational tool involving a great deal of scientific discovery, for which I will compose music for a soundtrack. It all takes time, and it’s worth it. I’ll be happy to join a group full-time who are involved in projects of this sort as well.

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My first intention was to blog this announcement: I must shift from merely writing blogs to gaining income through submitting articles to publications, and subsequently linking these to my blogs. It will be a much more convoluted process; taking the time and effort to research first what publications may want to print the information I write, and then after sending the query, waiting to hear from them. I have little choice, since I have no income whatsoever.

An article I will write promptly, is a social anthropological one. It came from a conversation that I had last evening, in which i was bringing up parallel points that are all cases involving increased community, at the cost of less freedom. The examples tied together are through people I have known who have delivered their first-hand observations of communities in which they lived. Hopefully, you will get to read this if one of the publications or internet magazine sites that I send the query to opt to print it.

Joel Sartore, animal catalogue

Picture of primate, compliments of Joel Sartore’s photo catalogue of species and me, Carol Keiter the blogger

Gun Deaths among children in the U.S. due to Availability of Arms in their Homes

I just came across this article in the New York Times today, “Children and Guns: The Hidden Toll” regarding the statistics of accidental gun deaths occurring among children under 15 years of age in the United States, which tend to be classified as homicide or suicide, when in fact they are accidents that occur because of the proximity of guns in their homes.

I’ve written blogs about the subject previously, in conjunction with some of the more atrocious incidents.

And another blog which was posted following another mass shooting.

And another looking at

Annonce de mon Livre électronique | Anuncio de mi Libro electrónico

!! Merci à google translate Gracias al traductor Google !!

Annonce de mon livre électronique qui sera bientôt publié. L’espagnol est ci-dessous. Versión española está por debajo. Allemande est sur ce lien, mon autre blog.

Anuncio de mi libro que pronto será liberado

J’ai l’intention de publier mon premier livre autour du solstice d’été, 21iem Juin.

“Adora & Vitali: A Spin on the Matter of Motion”
“Adora & Vitali: Un Pivoter sur la Matière de Motion”

En raison de n’ayant pas un «faible», mais «non» budget -.) Je vais produire un livre électronique avant que la première édition imprimée. En plus d’écrire, illustrer et composer de la musique pour la version digital, je publie et commercialise aussi, en utilisant Auteur iBook, Smashwords ainsi que (kdp) Kindle d’Amazon, afin qu’il puisse être lu sur n’importe quel ‘platform’ ou d’un dispositif personne préfère. Je vais aussi faire le voix pour une version audio-livre. L’impression sera ‘print on demand’ (POD) pour commencer. C’est tout nouveau terrain et toute process c’est une expérience d’apprentissage, sur lequel je serai heureux de partager toute information!

Ci-dessous est un «dedans/couverture arrière» résumé de ce que le livre comporte! Je suis ouvert à toutes les suggestions, mais surtout je serais ravi d’entendre parler des lieux (librairies / cafés dans votre région) que vous me conseillez de contacter pour mettre en place «lectures». Une fois que j’ai fixer des dates à divers endroits, je vais calendrier une visite. Je suis toujours prêt à voyager et parler avec les gens! Dès le début, j’avais prévu de créer des versions en français, espagnol et allemand, en particulier sur la ‘platform digital. Ce serait donner des gens la possibilité de lire le même contenu dans une autre langue comme outil d’apprentissage. Je suis au courant de cela et j’aime apprendre des langues. En raison du fait que je suis pas couramment en français, je vais naturellement besoin de rédacteurs qui sont des locuteurs natifs.

“Adora & Vitali: Un Pivoter sur la Matière de Motion” est une quête spirituelle imprégnée de concepts scientifiques. Il est tissé tout au long de colis d’informations pertinentes pour les phénomènes qui émergent dans l’histoire elle-même. Il est spécifiquement conçu pour inspirer la curiosité et susciter dans le lecteur le désir d’en apprendre davantage sur la nature fascinante de notre univers.

Un livre des enfants pour les adultes ou un manuels en classe intégrée dans une conte, il compte environ 80 illustrations (en noir et blanc ainsi que couleur): à partir des diagrammes et des graphiques scientifiques et les images et caractère de l’histoire et les truques des fantasisie. Sont étroitement liés dans environ 120 (et plus) des liens actifs; un ‘live’ bibliographie qui non seulement justifie les faits, mais donne les gens un moyen d’explorer plus en profondeur chacun des sujets traités.

L’histoire implique une jeune femme nommée Adora, qui après avoir appris d’un lieu qui l’enchante en raison de ses qualités mystérieuses, décide de voyager là-bas. Le lieu non seulement n’a presque pas de gravité, ce qui est extraordinaire en soi, mais les gens qui y résident ont des qualités exceptionnelles de l’idée et l’esprit. Aucun n’est capable de mentir – ils sont des êtres sensibles capables de lire dans les pensées par télépathie les uns des autres. Un utopiste, monde transparent, où seule vérité et l’honnêteté existent; dans laquelle les intentions sont transmises par l’amour. Pour atteindre sa destination, elle est chargée de suivre les lignes de champ magnétique. Le livre est un voyage à cet endroit avec ses caractéristiques surnaturelles, distillé avec des informations révélant comment cette théorie, «pourrait» se produire. Par exemple, les phénomènes naturels successifs ont été déclenchées à la suite d’un réchauffement accéléré.

En plus de la lecture du livre de manière séquentielle, il est conçu comme un outil de référence dans lequel on peut sauter d’un sujet à l’autre, chacune recouverte sur sa page unique. Le livre est conçu pour les lecteurs curieux de l’adolescent sur, pour les étudiants, les sciences ou les amateurs de Science Fantasy, ou ceux qui sont curieux à propos de la spiritualité et de la conscience. En général, ceux qui s’intéressent à des aventures dans l’inconnu. En plus d’être un conte imprégné de symbolisme et de mystère (“Adora” signifie “amour” et “Vitali” signifie “vie”), il est un multimédia «plateforme d’apprentissage expéditionnaire», qui scrute les phénomènes de la nature du monde microscopique des particules subatomiques physique au cosmique, y compris un assortiment d’autres sujets de la biologie, de la géologie, la chimie et plus, montrant comment extraordinaire «notre» monde est. Comme le titre le suggère, entre autres, le livre s’attache à développer une appréciation et une notion des pièces intégrales de l’électromagnétisme rôle dans l’ensemble de la vie, ainsi como l’amour.

avec amour,
Pardonarme sobre los faltas, este traducion es por google !-) Tengo la intención de lanzar mi primer libro en torno al solsticio de verano, 21 de junio.

“Adora & Vitali: A Spin on the Matter of Motion”
“Adora y Vitali: una Vuelta a la Materia de Movimiento”

Debido a tener no una ‘baja’, pero ‘ninguno’ presupuesto ‘-.) Voy a producir un libro electrónico antes de la primera edición impresa. Además de escribir, ilustrar y componer la música para la versión digital, estoy publicando y comercializarlo también; usando Autor iBook, Smashwords así como (kdp) de Kindle de Amazon, para que se pueda leer en cualquier plataforma o dispositivo que gente prefiera. También voy a hacer el voz para una versión en audio-libro. La impresión será ‘print on demand’ POD para empezar. Es todo un nuevo terreno para mi, y todo el proceso es una experiencia de aprendizaje, de la que voy a estar feliz de compartir cualquier información!

A continuación se muestra un ‘adentro / back cover’ resumen acerca de lo que implica el libro! Estoy abierto a cualquier sugerencia, pero sobre todo me gustaría saber acerca de cualquier lugares (tiendas de libros / cafeterías en su barrio) que me recomienda ponerse en contacto para establecer “lecturas”. Una vez que programar las fechas en varios lugares, voy a trazar un recorrido. Estoy siempre listo para viajar y hablar con la gente! Desde el principio, me anticipó la creación de versiones en francés, español y alemán, sobre todo en la plataforma digital. Esto daría al lector la posibilidad de leer el mismo contenido en otro idioma como herramienta de aprendizaje. Estoy versado en estas y amar el aprendizaje de idiomas. Como yo no soy fluido, naturalmente tendrás editores que son hablantes nativos.
“Adora y Vitali: una Vuelta a la Materia de Movimiento” es una búsqueda espiritual impregnada de conceptos científicos. Se incorporan a través de paquetes de información relevante a los fenómenos que surgen en la propia historia. Está específicamente diseñado para inspirar la curiosidad y evocan en todos el deseo de aprender más acerca de la fascinante naturaleza de nuestro universo.

Un libro del niños para los adultos o los libros de texto aula incrustado en un cuento, tiene aproximadamente 80 ilustraciones así como (blanco y negro y de colores): a partir de diagramas científicos y gráficos con el carácter y las imágenes de fantasía. Son unos 120 (y contando) enlaces activos, un “en vivo” bibliografía que no sólo corrobora los hechos, pero le da al lector un medio para explorar más a fondo cada uno de los temas tratados.

La historia trata de una mujer joven llamada Adora, quien después de conocer un lugar que le encanta por sus cualidades misteriosas, decide viajar allí. El lugar no sólo casi no tiene gravedad, que es extraordinario en sí, sino las personas que viven allí tienen cualidades excepcionales de la mente y el espíritu. Nadie es capaz de mentir – que son seres sensibles capaces de leer la mente telepática de los demás. Un mundo utópico, transparente, donde sólo la verdad y la honestidad existe; en el que las intenciones se transmiten a través del amor. Para llegar a su destino, se le enseña a seguir las líneas magnéticas. El libro es un viaje a este lugar con sus características sobrenaturales, destiladas con información que revela cómo esta teoría, ‘podría’ ocurrir. Por ejemplo, los sucesivos fenómenos naturales han sido provocadas como consecuencia del calentamiento global acelerado.

Además de leer el libro de forma secuencial, está diseñado como una herramienta de referencia en el que se puede saltar de un tema a otro, cada uno cubierto en su página única. Está libro dirigido a lectores curiosos de los adolescentes, para los estudiantes, la ciencia o entusiastas de la ciencia de fantasía, o los curiosos acerca de la espiritualidad y la conciencia. En general, los intrigados con aventuras hacia lo desconocido. Además de ser una historia impregnada de simbolismo y misterio (“Adora” significa “amor” y “Vitali” significa “vida”), es una multimedia ‘plataforma de aprendizaje expedicionario’, que asoma en los fenómenos de la naturaleza desde el mundo microscópico de subatómico la física a lo cósmico, incluyendo una mezcla heterogénea de otros temas de la biología, la geología, la química y más, mostrando cuán extraordinario ‘nuestro’ mundo. Como el título sugiere, entre otras cosas, el libro se esfuerza por construir una apreciación y concepto de los juegos de rol electromagnetismo integrales en toda la vida, así como la comunicación de amor

con amor,

Announcement of my soon to be released eBook

I intend to release my first book around the summer solstice, June 21st.

“Adora & Vitali: A Spin on the Matter of Motion”

Due to having not a ‘low’, but ‘no’ budget ‘-) I’ll produce an eBook prior to the first print edition. Besides writing, illustrating and composing music for the digital version, I’m publishing and marketing it too; using iBook Author, Smashwords as well as (kdp) Kindle of Amazon, so that it can be read on whatever platform or device the reader prefers. I’ll also do a voice-over for an audio-book version. The print will be POD ‘print on demand’ for starters. It’s all new terrain and the whole process is a learning experience, about which I’ll be happy to share any information!

Below is an ‘inside/back cover’ summary about what the book entails! I’m open to any suggestions, yet particularly I’d love to hear about any venues (book stores/cafes in your area) which you recommend for me to contact to set up ‘readings’. Once I schedule dates at various locations, I’ll map out a tour. I’m always up for traveling and talking with people! From early on, I anticipated creating versions in French, Spanish and German, especially on the digital platform. This would give the reader the option to read the same content in another language as a learning tool. I’m conversant in these and love learning languages. Since I’m not fluent, I’ll naturally need editors who are native speakers. rain_shadow_blk_wh

“Adora & Vitali: A Spin on the Matter of Motion” is a spiritual quest imbued with scientific concepts. It is woven throughout with parcels of information relevant to the phenomena that emerge in the story itself. It is specifically designed to inspire curiosity and evoke within the reader the desire to learn more about the fascinating nature of our universe.

A children’s book for adults or classroom textbook embedded within a tale, it has approximately 80 illustrations throughout (black & white as well as color): from scientific diagrams and charts to character and fantasy images. Interwoven throughout are about 120 (and counting) active links; a ‘live’ bibliography that not only substantiates the facts but gives the reader a means to explore in more depth each of the subjects covered.

The tale involves a young woman named Adora, who after learning of a place which enchants her because of its mysterious qualities, decides to journey there. The place not only has almost no gravity, which is extraordinary in itself, but the people residing there have exceptional qualities of mind and spirt. None are capable of lying – they are sentient beings able to telepathically read each others’ minds. A utopian, transparent world, where only truth and honesty exist; in which intentions are transmitted through love. To reach her destination, she is instructed to follow the magnetic lines. The book is a journey to this place with its supernatural characteristics, distilled with information revealing how this theoretically ‘could’ occur. For example, successive natural phenomena were triggered as a result of accelerated global warming.

Besides reading the book sequentially, it is designed as a reference tool in which one can jump from one topic to another; each covered on its unique page. The book is geared for curious readers from adolescent on; for students, science or science fantasy enthusiasts, or those curious about spirituality and consciousness. Generally, those intrigued with adventures into the unknown. Besides being a tale infused with symbolism and mystery (“Adora” means “love” and “Vitali” means “life”), it is a multimedia ‘expeditionary learning platform’, which peers into the phenomena of nature from the microscopic world of subatomic physics to the cosmic, including a smorgasbord of other topics from biology, to geology, chemistry and more, displaying how extraordinary ‘our’ world is. As the title suggests, among other phenomena in the natural world, the book strives to build an appreciation and understanding of the integral role that electromagnetism plays in all of life as well as the communication of love.

with love,

Crowd-source Funding | Kickstarter for Book | Adora & Vitalis |

I was informed about the crowd-source funding site “kickstarter” by my sister. I submitted my proposal towards the completion of the book that I’ve been researching and writing, and was accepted days ago, and as of today, October 31st, Halloween, I’m launching it to be completed by December 28th, 2012.

In the last weeks, I sent out submissions to a dozen magazines regarding several articles I’m intent on writing. I have for the most part written the articles, and condensed each into a query. Until I receive responses confirming whether or not anyone would like to print the subject matter, both on the political/economic threshold, I can not release the information to the public in my blogs.

I wait, to be paid for a change. In the meantime, I’ve shifted into high gear, to finish a book which I’ve been dreaming up for a while now. Since kickstarter accepted it, I launch my project Halloween, October 31st – asking for help from anyone and everyone – to finance my time towards completing the book. I still need a publisher, and figure that I’ll print copies of the book ‘on demand’, if no publisher takes it on. I continue with my research, writing and illustration of the book, regarding how I imagine the world ‘could’ be, instead of lamenting about how I see that it is (as you may have read from my various blogs about environmental, political and economic facts).

Here’s my project

I look forward to working towards its completion by December 28th, days after my birthday and prior to the end of this year, as I’ve designated as the 60 day period from when I submitted it. I so much enjoy writing, drawing and making music (which I’ll be doing for the e-book version !-)

salut! to your health!