In terms of Politics: Separation of Oil & State

Dipping low enough to exert momentum for change…

I actually didn’t hear the presidents’ speech, but trust in the opinion of the need of a separation of Oil & State. I believe that just as there is an intertwining and interdependency within all of life in our natural world, that it is also true in the human social and political world. One can’t expect or anticipate too much as far as one bold leader acting independently, when in fact the pulse behind his motions are charged through those who have been pulling the strings to even get him into office, and who overrule with their corporate/big business pull, just what any leader can do. I also believe that the face of this lopsidedness in terms of power, could in fact be changing, and is changing. As the internet introduces more information that can be spread to the masses, more people can participate in acquiring information, making their voices heard, and we are heading towards more and more transparency and true democratic participation….we’ll see however. Wars have been waged despite the fact that much of the populace demonstrated against them, and well, sometimes things have to dip into the worse case scenario, for people to get the momentum started to begin to change. case in point, my last relationship. i had to literally get hit and abandoned, before i took the hint and read between the lines, even though the words and gestures of my partner expressed that he didn’t give a shit and in fact often acted with cruelty. i didn’t want to see this however, i still wanted to believe that there would be a day that he would embrace and love me, until he finally just left me helpless at a place, with full contempt. ha! it was the most wonderful of blessings, i learned through the synchronicity of people whom i met and conversations that i had, not only about the rich history of the place where i’d been discarded, but also that in fact everything that this former partner projected at me and accused me of, were in fact false. I realized that I was in fact like the sun, being soiled and obscured by something fouling and thickening the air, darkening its’ blaze.

Something Appearing out of Nothing

Sitting with a broken left clavicle after having had a harsh collision involving my body, acceleration, gravity and terra firma – while attempting to catch a disc in the end zone in an ultimate frisbee game – I’ve had the opportunity to slow down and have my life go into a bit of a slow mindful motion…or at least that’s what appears to be gently landing into my routine. I had been actively referencing aspects of this oil spill crisis and the conflicting images of Obama and what he has and hasn’t supported…on my facebook page
and decided to cross reference some of these here, along and with some inspiring words.

Quotations “A human being is a part of the whole called by us Universe, a part limited in time and space. One experiences one’s self, our thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest, a kind of optical illusion of our consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.”
Albert Einstein

In a previous blog about my hitchhiking adventure, I incorporated this link.

The Indians mention that these holy crystal sculls of silica are able to store gigantic amounts of knowledge – a cosmic memory – enabling us to leave our prison of limited consciousness and open us up to new dimensions in space and time. It’s another angle of the concept which Einstein was talking about in this statement.

I find the contents of this note written on their 25th Anniversary Issue, by Eric Utne who founded Utne Reader, to be really encouraging. Especially reading through to the 2nd page, of his hopes for what can happen! with hope and love,

I’ve just gathered various wall postings on my Facebook page over the last few hours/day, to repost here!

I was once again aghast when I heard that Obama was planning to open up legislation allowing oil companies to drill for oil in various oceans around the US – for the 1st time in 20 years. (The first time I was shocked was when he mentioned Afghanistan before he was even elected.) Drilling for oil in pristine waters just didn’t seem to follow or be congruent with what I thought Obama stands for. And I have been absolutely devastated and literally crying about what is happening in terms of the amounts of oil continually gushing into the gulf. I feel complete sorrow for all of the helpless wildlife, and sure, I know what it is to struggle for work too and sympathize with the people. We can employ a lot of people if we start researching and implementing renewable energy sources on a massive scale….there are a lot of things that can blossom from these disasters, such as gaining footholds in a completely new healthy direction; introducing more transparency, more open-source type concepts, tear down the borders separating people, find the core within all of us that we share, and respectfully live in harmony with all of life – including this planet. Sometimes it takes going in the wrong direction, to discern that it is a wrong direction, before we can make steps in the right one. Let’s stop letting apathy or delusions about money get in the way of life, of humanity, of human beingness and becoming…and have integrity to say what we know is right and let our voices be heard towards > building new paths and strengthening our hearts and minds in new directions. Life and love beyond borders.

and more! an inconvenient truth about the current ‘climate bill’
…”Outrageously, and at great danger to our economy and ecosystem, this bill provides for new offshore oil drilling…To hear their arguments, you’d think the bill adds important safeguards and limits to offshore drilling. But in reality, it significantly expands offshore drilling. Given that hundreds of thousands of gallons of oil are spewing into the Gulf of Mexico each day with no end in sight, there is no excuse for increasing offshore drilling with this bill.”

“Obama: This Is Your Crude Awakening”

and as far as volunteering in the Gulf, these organizations have a clue, and can direct volunteers to attend intensive education and training, and then put people to work in whatever way that they can offer their services. A person needs to be trained because it’s really toxic!


I think the CEO’s of BP and Halliburton should get the fuck out there, take off their ties and get their fingers into cleaning up this toxic liquid black gold as well, and not just for a 10 minute photo-op.