g r a f f i t i d i s c o v e r i e s o c t 2 9 t h m o n t p e l l i e r

graffiti canal discoveries o c t 2 9 t h M o n t p e l l i e r, F r a n c e

g r a f f i t i c a n a l d i s c o v e ries o c t 2 9 t h m o n t p e l l i e r
o c t 2 9 t h M o n t p e l l i e r, F r a n c e

carol the blogger March 24th, 2017 in New Mexico

carol the blogger March 24th, 2017 in New Mexico


M o n t p e l l i e r G r a f f i t i w a v e f l u i d

M o n t p e l l i e r   G r a f f i t i   W a v e   F l u i d

M o n t p e l l i e r G r a f f i t i W a v e F l u i d

m o n t p e l l i e r s t r e e t s e r i e s g r a f f i t i w a v e

graffiti along fleuve Lez, Montpellier, France Oct. 2017

graffiti along fleuve Lez, Montpellier, France Oct. 2017

New Wave of Graffiti, Montpellier, France

New Wave of Graffiti Montpellier France Oct. 2017

banana man

banana man

sinking green

sinking green
Graffiti Montpellier France

duo layers

duo layers
graffiti Montpellier France

Bicycle Ride to the Mediterranean Sea, graffiti Montpellier France

Bicycle Ride to the Mediterranean Sea
graffiti Montpellier France

graffiti, Montpellier, France

m o n t p e l l i e r s t r e e t s e r i e s g r a f f i t i w a v e r i s i n g
Montpellier France

m o n t p e l l i e r s t r e e t s e r i e s s t e n c i l g r a f f i t i

m o n t p e l l i e r s t r e e t s e r i e s s t e n c i l g r a f f i t i

¡I’m sure that I’ll be adding to this regularly!

Batman hitting the earth with oil oozing out

Batman hitting the earth with oil oozing out

Batman hitting the earth with oil oozing out

Batman hitting the earth with oil oozing out

hear, speak and see no evil

hear, speak and see no evil

rulers and ruled, rulers and ruled pharaoh and king carrying kid on sofa

rulers and ruled
pharaoh and king carrying kid on sofa

flickr pics montpellier graffiti, stencils, tattoos




e-full wp-image-4495″ /> flickr pics montpellier graffiti, stencils, tattoos[/caption]

P a r i s s t r e e t s e r i e s / s a t i r i c a l s t e n c i l \ g r a f f i t i

Paris Graffiti, le Point Éphémère,Juillet 2017

Graffiti at le Point Éphémère Juillet 2017

Oraculo Stencil Project

Oraculo Stencil Project

Le Point Ephémère

Le Point Ephémère

le Point Éphémère

Unfortunately I don’t know the graffiti artist’s name
at le Point Éphémère

As I was leaving Paris, waiting for the OuiBus to depart at Port D’Orleans, I noticed a kid climbing into a grate. His body was halfway beneath the pavement, had a lit headlamp on his headband. It was a late Monday afternoon. I said, “Est-ce que to vas a les catacombs ou quoi?” He just looked at me. As the bus was taking off an hour later, I looked from my seat and saw at another grate about 5 teenagers (3 guys, 2 girls), getting ready to climb in, 2 of the 5 with headlamps. Ha!

New Mexico, Paris, July 2017, flickr

New Mexico to Paris July 2017 flickr


Paris Graffiti, le Point Éphémère,Juillet 2017

Paris Evening and Night shots Feu dArtifice

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angel card nomadbeatz carol keiter | blogger, liaison, artist, musician, composer

angel card nomadbeatz
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carol keiter, le blogger, liaison

carol keiter le blogger liaison

B e r l i n s t r e e t s e r i e s | m u s i c | R o t a t i o n S t r a s s e n M u s i k 2013

Yet another musical festival erupted in Berlin

the Rotation Street Music Fest happened today, September 21st, on the eve of the Autumnal Equinox

Just around the corner from this rather steely industrial drab view of Berlinberlins_industrial_horizon_fernsehenturm

And perhaps because of it berlins_industrial_skyline_warschauerbrueck_bicyclist

do arts come into focus, even in the background

gigantic graffiti realistic images

gigantic graffiti realistic images

this was on my way to discovering the street music festival, called Rotation

Friedrichshain street music festival September 21st

Friedrichshain street music festival September 21st










B e r l i n s t r e e t s e r i e s / s a t i r i c a l s t e n c i l \ d a p p e r d e s i g n

Back on Berlin’s pavements

met with surprises

comically clever

delightfully satirical

s t e n c i l

d e s i g n

g r a f f i t i

For starters, the freshly discovered ‘let’s party’ stencil series, fresh for me anyway!

Remember the night we all went to bed on time? Me neither.    Lets Party

Remember the night we all went to bed on time? Me neither. Lets Party

Have Less do More

Have Less do More Let’s Party

archives await

Mitte graffiti pics | Tacheles | Bearpit Karaoke | Yard5 | Burningman

Okay, I felt I had to re-write this post, tweak it a bit, so that it’s reflecting curious aspects of the community of Berlin which I’m living in, as opposed to merely references of my capability to be a brat ‘-)) In this text I’m describing content relevant to the pictures below; referencing Mitte graffiti pics, Tacheles, the Bearpit Karaoke experience in Prenzlauer Berg’s Mauer Park, Yard5 and ultimately, Burningman, because of the fact that Berlin has aspects within it’s spontaneous art happenings, to that of this desert music and arts festival in the state of Nevada in the United States.

The images that you see below are mostly pictures of graffiti figures that I find interesting; some discovered wandering in a hinter hof (second auxiliary courtyard) near the Hackesche Höfe in Mitte. Notice that some artists’ themes appear in different locations! I find it amusing to re-discover various figures, images and stencils … appearing in different parts of the city.

I also have some photos of the famous & infamous Tacheles, an old building that survived having been bombed in World War II, which was squatted at one point by artists who then legally were given the right to remain there. The place has been struggling and teetering with battles from within, among the various people who inhabit the place as well as with the town government authorities to hold its’ lease, which is reflected by their website, to ‘save’ the place.


It’s been a tourist attraction for years, since not only have artists’ had their studios there which are open to visitors almost 24/7, but there has continually been a thriving art scene on the property; a movie theater, another large stage and theater to host events and a number of bars within the building which each have their own unique character, some of which feature live bands nightly. The vast outdoor grounds are what has given this place its’ best feature, where there have been all sorts of performances; from a stage with live bands, to jugglers, fire twirlers, gardens that have been created and various other installations.

The place, particularly on warm days and evenings, is rampant with tourists and locals who enjoy the various music and arts that it offers. I’ve featured a few pictures of the art there, and of the art of some of the resident art studios. In fact, when I was in Berlin in 1996, I discovered an Israeli artists’ interactive work on display for several months in the huge courtyard of Tacheles, and was impressed enough to write about it then. He entitled it “The Peace Tent”. Yes, there really are aspects of Berlin that are faintly similar to Burningman.


Okay, now that I’ve mentioned the word, I have to add this link to an article I wrote after my first experience attending the Burningman festival in the Nevada desert of the United States, which is at this very moment, August 14th, in its’ final preparatory stages – it peaks and the Man is burned, in the last days of August/first days September. A friend of mine from San Francisco who was visiting me in Berlin a few summers ago, commented as we bicycled around Berlin, that Berlin is similar to Burningman, and he opted for the word ‘Berlinman’.


The official burningman site is

And as the theme changes each year, here is the one for 2010.


One of these pics features my new friend Jaheed, a native New Yorker who’s been living in Amsterdam for the last 5 years, and just moved to Berlin 3 weeks ago to pursue his music career here in Berlin, where there’s a lot more happening and constantly spontaneous cool things going on throughout the city. One of the pictures below is of Jah feeding a bird that one of these artists’ created, “a BP bird” referring to the BP labeled Gulf Oil Disaster.

Jah and I had sang together at the bearpit karaoke on Sundays in Mauer park, the song by Estelle feat. Kayne West “American Boy”.

Jaheed “JahOfYork” Bell, Singer/ Songwriter –


I must mention this fabulously popular outdoor karaoke event, which is becoming an institution in Mauer park – ‘Bearpit Karaoke’, which takes place – weather permitting – every Sunday in Mauer Park, in the Prenzlauer Berg district of Berlin.


Joe Hatch, who’s an Irish guy living in Berlin, is the originator of this massively successful event. He’s rigged a bicycle with a trailer to transport the speakers, his laptop with the songs and from which the singer can read the text, and the mics…which he sets up on the already built stage and amphitheater existing in Mauer park. Mauer = wall It’s one of the locations of the former wall, which was constructed by the Soviets August 13th, 1961 to contain the tendency of the East Germans to want to flee their regime. A wall to imprison people from escaping their own territory basically, because they must have felt that it was inherently hostile. Nice!

Back to the bearpit karaoke. It started a handful of years ago, with a trickle of people attending, and has burgeoned this past summer of 2010 into this crowd of onlookers, spilling out beyond the seating capacity. The significant catch of this particular karaoke, is that the audience are not merely passive watchers and listeners, but actively singing, swaying, dancing and sometimes even jumping up onto the stage to dance along with the singing act. It’s great fun for a divers crowd of all ages and backgrounds, and the people who participate reveal this same mix – from 11 to 92 year olds’, with every imagined type of act – mostly R rated.

Among the pictures are also some of a recent vernissage – gallery opening – of ‘Yard5’, a shop catering to graffiti artists located in the Friedrichshain neighborhood of Berlin; featuring paints, tips and hiphop fashion.

-.-.-.-.-.-. and back to some personal encounters of Carol the blogger, on her bicycle, which I found amusing !-)

Earlier this week, on Tuesday August 10th, I had this full-on productive day, filling me with energy as I accomplished one thing after another. I was stoked with the flow I was in. As some friends from the US would say – as they coined the term – I was ‘on 11’ : on a scale of 1 – 10 !-) At one point after blazing through one major intersection on my bike – using my own judgment as opposed to heeding the traffic signals to dictate to me when I could go, and subsequently slicing a corner of the next one; cutting into the lane facing the wrong way traffic as a car turned from the other direction behind me. This little car caught up and a Turkish guy – late 30’s-early 40’s – with his girlfriend seated in the passenger seat yelled loudly out his car window, fully aggro, “are you CRAzY?” To which I spontaneously answered with a wide grin, because I was happy, “YeS, i am !!” I continued riding in the wrong direction in the lane next to him at the same pace, then added with still a big smile, laughing at this point, “and i LiKe it!”. At this point, his anger melted into laughter and he said something like, ‘blah, blah hippy chick’ ….ha! I’m still laughing about the encounter !-)

…..Along with another one, when a stuffy German man raised his voice as I was riding by on my bike in the twilight and I had surprised him. He yelled out “LiCHT” to put my bike light on, and my voice drifted back to him as I sped away, “Ich HaBe Kein……………………Bock” The word trailing at the end, subtly changed the meaning, from “I don’t have one”, to I don’t want to” He hadn’t heard that last word. I just started laughing, to myself.

Yeah, well, the adventures of maneuvering on the streets of Berlin on a bicycle, which is actually an extremely friendly bicycle city in fact! Lots of bike lanes built into the pedestrian walking areas as well as designated lanes painted onto the roads, if the bike traffic happens to spill onto the street.


spontaneous eruption of pianos, graffiti art & musicians in Mauerpark, Berlin

As a piano lover, I was astonished when I approached Mauer park on a weekday leading up to this last weekend in July and standing before me was an upright piano plunked on the grass. I approached it and asked some people there adjusting it, just what this was all about. Those whom I questioned who were helping to assemble the installation, pointed out that there were another five pianos scattered throughout the park. What? It was surreal! One of the men explained to me that this was the concept of two pianists, as a prelude to a concert they will be performing weeks later, in Berlin. Their intention, to introduce this fine instrument to the public, and to point out how omnipresent the piano has been throughout history as the centerpiece of entertainment. This piano installation allowed people to approach the instrument, check it out, tinker around on the keys, engage themselves with it and to recognize that anyone can play. And play, is exactly what people did. Throughout each day, into the late night hours and into the dawn, there were almost perpetually people perched in front of one or all of these pianos. It was an opportunity to explore that attracted and inspired many people. And many, like myself, kept coming back!

My first impulse, which I followed after wandering to another piano and listening to a few people taking turns playing, was to bike home to grab my piano music books, featuring classical songs of different composers, among them my favorite | Chopin | and return immediately. That’s what I did. I hadn’t had the opportunity to practice in a while. Within a half hour, I had returned to that first piano I’d approached. I think I was standing up as I played, when a man came over and offered me a chair. It was still within the first hours of the exhibition, and when this same gentleman without much coaxing sat down before the piano and started playing fluidly and with playfulness, I quickly ascertained that he must have been one of the organizers. My intuition was correct, he was one of the pianists who had created the installation…and he and the other one were still there, hovering around as their dream was beginning to take shape.

It was remarkable enough to spontaneously have six upright pianos suddenly scattered across the park. But the magic was what occurred during the rest of that afternoon into the evening, and for the following days of the weekend. Each of these pianos had almost the entire time an individual or small group present, engaging themselves in playing. Some stiking, toying, stabbing…and then the numerous people of all walks of life and ages…who sat down and absolutely blew me away with how well they played. Quite a few of the people wandering through this park, wandering around in Berlin, – some locals, others visiting – surprised and delighted me with how expressive they were on the keys.

It was four days of full interactive entertainment, with people gathering around the pianos, playing, supporting each other, clapping as people finished and becoming acquainted with one another. It was such a splendid and enjoyable community bonding experience! What a fantastic gift.

As planned, on Sunday the 1st of August, graffiti artists created their art on the pianos. Now two worlds merged, an old school musical instrument and street art, each appreciated for its own merit. The whole experience was surrealistic and magical.

The pictures I’ve included were only taken on the Monday following the addition of the graffiti, when the park was almost empty. Still there were small groups picnicking and gathering around, as one or several of their friends played; a group of French students, some girls from Barcelona, a Mexican guy living in Berlin with his toddler son… I didn’t capture, as many did with photos or videos the various different performances that people gave, but I will savor all the images and sounds and pleasant surprises I had, among them the various people whom I met and interacted with.

On the first afternoon, two German girls independently approached the piano where I had my music books, and each took turns picking out classical pieces to play. Each of them were excellent pianists, so I was quite delighted to hear see them effortlessly reading the music and playing with such precision and delicacy. Then at another piano a professional musician from Portugal who happened to be doing a project in Berlin over the weekend, hired to compose music on the piano for a cell phone provider, Piedro, also happened upon the pianos and he would appear at different intervals to sit and entertain everyone around him, playing fabulously for hours. One evening several days later, I walked up to a piano among the crowds in the park on Sunday, many enthusiastically attending the karaoke there, intending to just keep walking. But what I heard almost physically jumped out at me because of how passionately this young woman was engaging herself into communicating and articulating this epic, at times discordant and haunting masterful story on the keys. I had no choice but to linger there, somewhat riveted to listen. I was astounded, and as the goose bumps were appearing on my skin I also watched with curiosity to see peoples reactions as they wandered into hearing range, to see if any others were able to hear how intelligently she played. Manjana was her name.

I was captivated by these pianos, as many people were. Somehow this instrument beckons people to gather, maybe taking parts playing together at the same time, or appreciating what the others around them played, taking turns….then wind up hanging out talking with those they’ve met. This whole interactive theatre engaging people to share and join in with each other was a complete delight! Once again confirming that there’s just so much spontaneous creativity happening in Berlin, something constantly percolating with a creative edge. I was pretty mesmerized that this whole playground erupted to join people together, celebrating music and camaraderie.

Thanks for the fabulous gift to the community!

This first photo is from another persons’ assortment of photos, the rest are what I took on the day following the graffiti action.


Berlin Mitte | Fashion Week| Graffiti | Stencils

Hugo Boss store Mitte bamboo reflection