A.C Grayling | The Freedom of Creating One’s Own Meaning is a Terrifying Responsibility |

Anthony Grayling, while professor of philosophy at Birkbeck College, reveals his insights in a series of video interviews. Excerpting what he eloquently states in this New York Times opinionator blog.

He’s expresses the fact that many of us have this paradox occurring between what we feel and what we do. We may sense that there’s no point to the universe and really not understand why we are here, alive on this planet, what the human race is racing towards achieving…and yet, live the ‘alarm clock tyranny’, commuting dutifully to work every day, and playing out our roles. He mentions that beneath this conflict of a dual reality, there may be anger, (or just a numbness, or aversion to really contemplating the contradiction). That’s what I added!

“The meaning of life, is to make life meaningful.” It is up to each of us to create meaning. It’s the little things, the little rituals – what one values, which have meaning. What is important, is to behold one’s own truth, and find dignity in it.

“What has been hijacked from human consciousness, are the little details of normal life, each of which have value, because of the meaning we give them. The way that we calibrate how we experience things, is how we measure their value.”

The fact that it is up to you, and not God or any other deity that is relegating value and creating meaning, is a freedom that is terrifying.

And as has been stated many times, the journey is more important than arrival to the goal.

I look into the topic of the various masks and identities that we assume as individuals as well as with groups, in my other blog.