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John Lennon, fear, love

John Lennon: Fear and Love
“There are two basic motivating forces: fear and love.

A few weeks ago, my attention was directed to an article talking about epigenetics. Scientific research reveals that in addition to genetic memory – recorded in the DNA and passed from one generation to the next – experiences of an emotional nature which take place within an individual’s life, can also become imprinted and routed to affect later generations. Not just the next generation, but subsequent offspring exhibit the same response to stimuli, not learned from parents. It appears that a person’s perceived positive or negative experiences affect subsequent generations; the offspring genetically inherit the fallout of that ancestor’s experience.

Though epigenetic information does not alter the genetic (DNA) code itself, it does modify the activation of certain genes. This occurs through chemical processes – such as methyl groups which attach to genes and reside beside and separate from the DNA code – hence the name epigenetic (Greek prefix pi meaning over, outer or above). “The methyl group works like a placeholder in a cookbook, attaching to the DNA within each cell to select only those recipes — i.e. genes — necessary for that particular cell’s proteins.”

Reading this instigated me to look back at a blog I’d written in January of 2010, regarding a hitchabout trip I took while living in Germany. During this journey, the themes of neurology and Native American spirituality recurred repeatedly. It compelled me to write about the experience and theorize about how synchronistic incidences can happen, at all. What is it about our brains in time and space, that could allow for events to take place simultaneously, at large distances? Our current definitions make it impossible.

I recalled the words within a video on this blog “The White Road – Visions of the Indigenous People of the Americas“. “The indigenous people are certain that not only is all past information of the universe stored in our bodies, but that we are constantly provided with new information from the Cosmos.”

I read further along the arduous path of my blog :-o) in which I described that our awareness consists of a simultaneous system of electrical connections, traveling back and forth from nerve endings to synapses firing in different regions of the brain. And that an ‘experience’ or ‘memory’ can not be localized in one specific region of the brain. Neuroplasticity theorizes that the brain is continually making new connections and building new neural networks. Various functions are not located in specific regions of the brain. In the process of formulating new thoughts or tasks, the brain creates convoluted neural networks spanning different lobes, encoded across different regions, depending on the different associations that are being built in the process.

This article by Larry Dossey, MD “Why Consciousness is Not the Brain” states “…if consciousness is indeed identical with the brain – the curtain closes on premonitions. The reason is that the brain is a local phenomenon – i.e., it is localized to the brain and body, and to the present. This prohibits premonitions in principle, because accordingly the brain cannot operate outside the body and the here-and-now. But consciousness can operate beyond the brain, body, and the present, as hundreds of experiments and millions of testimonials affirm. Consciousness cannot, therefore, be identical with the brain.”

I made the analogy that just as thinking is a continuous feedback process within the whole (throughout the body and mind, together with all of the ideas that have intercepted our awareness) that perhaps consciousness itself, is not something localized in one area (the brain), but an integral part of a larger neural connected energetic fabric of all life.

Okay, I said it. But check this out. I interpreted what I read about epigenetics to imply, if I may be so bold, that it is more the emotional nature of an experience that specifically influences a chemical concoction to affect the way the genetic code plays out. Nurture affecting Nature.

Human Heart

Human Heart

In light of this, an additional article rolled into my awareness, “The Effects of Negative Emotions on Our HealthVoila! The author articulates that “Humans experience an array of emotions, anything from happiness to sadness, to extreme joy or depression. Each of these emotional states create different feelings within the body, with our body releasing different chemicals in conjunction with these feelings. Each chemical produces a different environment within the body. The brain releases serotonin, dopamine or oxytocin in association with experiences that elicit happiness and joy and cortisol, for example, in association with stress. The author’s point is that with respect to the mind-body connection, the brain is a very powerful tool indeed, that basically interprets and judges situations to be positive or negative and that your mind can have a profound physical impact on your body. Careful what you think !-) But more than that, careful about how you emotionally respond to any given situation!

Essentially, the plethora of psychologists, therapists, yoga teachers and spiritual guides all have this insight in common: focus on appreciation and gratitude and contentment in the present moment, rather than focusing on what you fear

Mahatma Gandhi, man is product of his thoughts

A man is but the product of his thoughts, what he thinks, he becomes. Mahatma Gandhi

…Our emotions and experiences are essentially energy that is communicated through chemical and electrical processes, which is stored in the cellular memory of our bodies.

This ‘re minded’ me of the beliefs … “The indigenous people are certain that not only is all past information of the universe stored in our bodies, but that we are constantly provided with new information from the Cosmos.”

Eureka dude! As I was preparing to fuse together this information in an amendment to my earlier blog, these additional puzzle pieces synchronistically kept tumbling in, to fuse and ignite this new insight.

synchronicity, Carl Jung, acausal events

the Psychologist Carl Jung’s term synchronicity describes events occurring with no causal connection

On December 13th, 2014, I ‘synchronistically‘ clicked on this video: “The Heart’s Intuitive Intelligence: A path to personal, social an global coherence

Institute of HeartMath connecting hearts and minds

Institute of HeartMath connecting hearts and minds

Doc Childre is the founder of The institute of HeartMath. It’s a measured fact that the strength of the magnetic field projected by the heart is much stronger than that of the brain. This field can expand or contract, correspondingly with love or fear. The heart has a large number of neurons. It’s an intelligent muscle.

Human Heart's Magnetic Field expands and contracts

Human Heart’s Magnetic Field expands and contracts

Their emphasis is on learning how to activate and sustain a coherence between the heart and brain. This synergy or coherence can be achieved through entraining the breath and attention to the heart, allowing a person to hone in to the heart’s intuitive intelligence. This can expand to entrain one’s heart to others, to achieve a social coherence. “A collective opening of the heart increases the social and subsequently global coherence.” The group has initiated a global coherence monitoring system in which they’re performing a study with 17 magnetic sensors distributed throughout the planet. These large devices are measuring resonances.

Childre mentions that a feedback loop exists within an individual’s mind – body and between humans and all species and the earth’s energetic systems.

feedback loop between humans and earths energetic systems

feedback loop between humans and earths energetic systems

Global Coherence Initiative

Global Coherence Initiative

The theory is that not only does earth’s magnetic field affects humans, but humans as a collective, affect the earth’s field.

Doc Childre, HeartMath

Doc Childre HeartMath

In this article “7 Amazing facts about the heart’s control of the brain” Dr. Joel K. Kahn describes how the heart communicates to the brain and the body in four ways: 1) nervous system connections, 2) hormones produced in the heart itself, 3) biomechanical information via blood pressure waves, and 4) energetic information from the strong electrical and electromagnetic fields.

Assembling the points I’ve gathered, I conjecture: as below, so above. DNA strands within each cell contain all of the genetic information of the entire body (with some genes activated and others not depending on that particular cell). This reveals a sort of holographic principle, similar to what some physicists theorize about how the universe is structured as well as neurologists regarding how the brain maps information.

The holonomic brain theory, developed by neuroscientist Karl Pribram initially in collaboration with physicist David Bohm, is a model of human cognition that describes the brain as a holographic storage network.

A holographic paradigm in which all information is present in each part (everywhere – at all times) would explain intuition, precognition, psychic awareness, simultaneous scientific discoveries and so forth.

Jeremy Narby is a French Canadian Anthropologist who lived among Indigenous peoples of the Amazon. He wrote a non-fiction book about his research: The Cosmic Serpent: DNA and the Origins of Knowledge He discovered ancient symbols depicting the mythology of the Indigenous people he lived among replicating the fundamental structure of life itself, the spiraling deoxyribonucleic acid DNA; something scientists of the developed world have only begun to discern in the last half century. His later book, Intelligence in Nature: An Inquiry into Knowledge demonstrates his conclusions. Intelligence is not a hierarchical model in which humans are on the top. This link above reviewing Narby’s book: “Narby’s passion is to rethink the meaning of intelligence as a human property and give up the reductionist/materialist view of Western science. In its place, he adopts the Japanese word “chi-sei”, roughly defined as a knowingness that allows for decision-making at all levels of life.”

He points out in a speech given at a Bioneers conference in 2005 that Homo Sapiens have been around only 200,000 years – 10,000 biological generations – which for a species is next to nothing. The Jaguar and Octopus species have been around way longer than humans; the Octopus for 350,000 Million years!

Numerous studies demonstrate intelligence and abstract thinking throughout not only the animal kingdom, but also among insects and yes, even plants. Molecular genetics of the 1990’s reveal that plants have receptors. Plants can assimilate information and respond on the whole plant level, using electrical signals that involve sensing a wide range of variables and computing complex decisions.

In his book The Cosmic Serpent, Narby takes a serious look at how neurogenetic consciousness informs awareness, knowledge, symbolism and culture. His anthropological study, ayahuasca experience and scientific speculations weave a tale of shamans who bring their consciousness down to molecular levels with sophisticated neurotransmitter potions in order to perceive information contained in the coherent visible light emitted by DNA.

He notes an ayahuasquero Pablo Amaringo saying: “A plant may not talk, but there is a spirit in it that is conscious, that sees everything, which is the soul of the plant, its essence, what makes it alive.”

In their visions, shamans take their consciousness down to the molecular level and gain access to information related to DNA, which they call “animate essences” or “spirits.”

Intelligent design within.

DNA molecule, Narby, Cosmic Serpent

diagram of the DNA molecule in Narby’s the Cosmic Serpent

Each DNA molecule has been packaged into a Mitotic Chromosome that is 50,000 X shorter than its extended length.

Science is now affirming a view long held by Shamans of the indigenous people: that the entire edifice of life from top to bottom is ‘shot through with intelligence’. In fact the evolutionary process itself may be intelligent.

Evolution may be guided by an intelligence within, as opposed to blind chance or an intelligence from above.

Back full circle to the fact that many living systems are structured in the Fibonacci Sequence as I wrote about in an alternative blog, my theory is that this is the form which allows for the holographic pattern of information to be distributed.

mathematical, Fibonacci Sequence

Mathematical diagram of Fibonacci Sequence class of Toni

Perhaps indeed, the pinnacle of intelligence is within the smallest constituents; the motion of energy that manifests as matter.

The HeartMath understanding is that entraining the heart with the brain and with other individuals is a synergistic process, in which the individual parts work together to produce an effect larger than the sum of the parts. Perhaps the import of emotions and the intuitive intelligence of the heart is something that essentially is an energetic phenomenon at the electromagnet level; with this electromagnetic information tuned to a feeling vibration of the heart that permeates the universe through a network of Fibonacci spacetime, in a holographic way; passing through spacetime instantly.

graphic of a wormhole

graphic of a wormhole describing a spacial fabric of space

Narby states that “Our predation (human beings as the top predator) is ‘souped up’ through knowledge, ideas and technology. Yet, we need to understand that we are animals among other intelligent species. We truly need to get a grip on our sciences and industries. Intelligent predators do not degrade the world in which they live, but live in harmony with it.

¡This would represent intelligent evolution!

HeartMath and the Global Coherence Initiative state that ultimately, ‘heart-based living’, involves taking responsibility for your own energy; the thoughts, feelings and attitudes that you are feeding into the field every day.

…energy flows where attention goes…

Wayne Dyer, attract what i am, not what i want

I will attract what I am, not what I want. Wayne Dyer

• Epigenetics – emotional experiences affecting genetic heredity.
• Emotions and experiences stored through chemical and electrical processes at the cellular level.
• Indigenous Americans: All past information of the cosmos is stored in our body, and we are receiving information continually from the cosmos.
• Our heart has a substantially larger electromagnetic field than the brain – 60 times greater in amplitude.
• Joel K. Kahn MD: More information is sent from the heart to the brain on a daily basis, than vice versa.
• Doc Childre: a feedback loop exists within an individual’s mind – body and between humans and all species and the earth’s energetic systems.
• Larry Dossey MD: Consciousness can operate beyond the brain, body and the present, therefore consciousness cannot be localized to the brain.
• Neuroscientist Karl Pribram and Physicist David Bohm: Holonomic brain theory is a model of human cognition describing the brain as a holographic storage network.
• Physicists have mathematically described the universe as a hologram, in which every part of stored information is distributed throughout the entire hologram.
• Each cell within the body, regardless of its form or function, contains a complete set of DNA: the same DNA code (blueprint of life) as is found in every other cell in a person’s body.
• Jeremy Narby: There is conclusive evidence among heralded scientists worldwide, implying the same conclusions that have been a part of the indigenous folklore for millennia; that intelligence permeates all species and basically ALL of the natural world.

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Here’s Carol Keiter the blogger in the crowd (with camera, looking up at the screen) during the Imagine event presented by Yoko Ono at Times Square on 12.21.12 during the Make Music New York Winter Solstice festival.

Carol Keiter the blogger (with camera, looking up at the screen) during the Imagine event created by Yoko Ono at Times Square on 12.21.12 during the Make Music New York Winter Solstice festival

Carol Keiter the blogger (with camera, looking up at the screen) during the Imagine event created by Yoko Ono at Times Square on 12.21.12 during the Make Music New York Winter Solstice festival

educational eBook Trailer “A Seahorse Tale – A Spin on the Matter of Motion”

my eBook has a new name,  A Seahorse Tale – A Spin on the Matter of Motion

Young adult educational eBook for public, private, magnet, charter, cyber, home-schools, autism spectrum, experiential and expeditionary learning.

I suggested that it was the Final metamorphosis of the ‘eBook Trailer’ for “Adora & Vitali: A Spin on the Matter of Motion” – however a new name was born, through the brilliant perception of a mentor who appeared November 15th, 2019

A Seahorse Tale

Young Adult educational ebook, A Seahorse Tale, A Spin on the Matter of Motion, TOC, Table of Contents, New Version, Carol Keiter

A Seahorse Tale – A Spin on the Matter of Motion Trailer

Thanks to for making it quite simple to build and display, for free!!

Here’s a glimpse at the content, looking at the first page of the (TOC) Table of Contents.

Young Adult educational ebook, A Seahorse Tale, A Spin on the Matter of Motion, TOC, Table of Contents, New Version, Carol Keiter

New 2020 Version of the TOC Table of Contents of Carol Keiter’s Young Adult educational ebook, A Seahorse Tale – A Spin on the Matter of Motion


Annonce de mon Livre électronique | Anuncio de mi Libro electrónico

!! Merci à google translate Gracias al traductor Google !!

Annonce de mon livre électronique qui sera bientôt publié. L’espagnol est ci-dessous. Versión española está por debajo. Allemande est sur ce lien, mon autre blog.

Anuncio de mi libro que pronto será liberado

J’ai l’intention de publier mon premier livre autour du solstice d’été, 21iem Juin.

“Adora & Vitali: A Spin on the Matter of Motion”
“Adora & Vitali: Un Pivoter sur la Matière de Motion”

En raison de n’ayant pas un «faible», mais «non» budget -.) Je vais produire un livre électronique avant que la première édition imprimée. En plus d’écrire, illustrer et composer de la musique pour la version digital, je publie et commercialise aussi, en utilisant Auteur iBook, Smashwords ainsi que (kdp) Kindle d’Amazon, afin qu’il puisse être lu sur n’importe quel ‘platform’ ou d’un dispositif personne préfère. Je vais aussi faire le voix pour une version audio-livre. L’impression sera ‘print on demand’ (POD) pour commencer. C’est tout nouveau terrain et toute process c’est une expérience d’apprentissage, sur lequel je serai heureux de partager toute information!

Ci-dessous est un «dedans/couverture arrière» résumé de ce que le livre comporte! Je suis ouvert à toutes les suggestions, mais surtout je serais ravi d’entendre parler des lieux (librairies / cafés dans votre région) que vous me conseillez de contacter pour mettre en place «lectures». Une fois que j’ai fixer des dates à divers endroits, je vais calendrier une visite. Je suis toujours prêt à voyager et parler avec les gens! Dès le début, j’avais prévu de créer des versions en français, espagnol et allemand, en particulier sur la ‘platform digital. Ce serait donner des gens la possibilité de lire le même contenu dans une autre langue comme outil d’apprentissage. Je suis au courant de cela et j’aime apprendre des langues. En raison du fait que je suis pas couramment en français, je vais naturellement besoin de rédacteurs qui sont des locuteurs natifs.

“Adora & Vitali: Un Pivoter sur la Matière de Motion” est une quête spirituelle imprégnée de concepts scientifiques. Il est tissé tout au long de colis d’informations pertinentes pour les phénomènes qui émergent dans l’histoire elle-même. Il est spécifiquement conçu pour inspirer la curiosité et susciter dans le lecteur le désir d’en apprendre davantage sur la nature fascinante de notre univers.

Un livre des enfants pour les adultes ou un manuels en classe intégrée dans une conte, il compte environ 80 illustrations (en noir et blanc ainsi que couleur): à partir des diagrammes et des graphiques scientifiques et les images et caractère de l’histoire et les truques des fantasisie. Sont étroitement liés dans environ 120 (et plus) des liens actifs; un ‘live’ bibliographie qui non seulement justifie les faits, mais donne les gens un moyen d’explorer plus en profondeur chacun des sujets traités.

L’histoire implique une jeune femme nommée Adora, qui après avoir appris d’un lieu qui l’enchante en raison de ses qualités mystérieuses, décide de voyager là-bas. Le lieu non seulement n’a presque pas de gravité, ce qui est extraordinaire en soi, mais les gens qui y résident ont des qualités exceptionnelles de l’idée et l’esprit. Aucun n’est capable de mentir – ils sont des êtres sensibles capables de lire dans les pensées par télépathie les uns des autres. Un utopiste, monde transparent, où seule vérité et l’honnêteté existent; dans laquelle les intentions sont transmises par l’amour. Pour atteindre sa destination, elle est chargée de suivre les lignes de champ magnétique. Le livre est un voyage à cet endroit avec ses caractéristiques surnaturelles, distillé avec des informations révélant comment cette théorie, «pourrait» se produire. Par exemple, les phénomènes naturels successifs ont été déclenchées à la suite d’un réchauffement accéléré.

En plus de la lecture du livre de manière séquentielle, il est conçu comme un outil de référence dans lequel on peut sauter d’un sujet à l’autre, chacune recouverte sur sa page unique. Le livre est conçu pour les lecteurs curieux de l’adolescent sur, pour les étudiants, les sciences ou les amateurs de Science Fantasy, ou ceux qui sont curieux à propos de la spiritualité et de la conscience. En général, ceux qui s’intéressent à des aventures dans l’inconnu. En plus d’être un conte imprégné de symbolisme et de mystère (“Adora” signifie “amour” et “Vitali” signifie “vie”), il est un multimédia «plateforme d’apprentissage expéditionnaire», qui scrute les phénomènes de la nature du monde microscopique des particules subatomiques physique au cosmique, y compris un assortiment d’autres sujets de la biologie, de la géologie, la chimie et plus, montrant comment extraordinaire «notre» monde est. Comme le titre le suggère, entre autres, le livre s’attache à développer une appréciation et une notion des pièces intégrales de l’électromagnétisme rôle dans l’ensemble de la vie, ainsi como l’amour.

avec amour,
Pardonarme sobre los faltas, este traducion es por google !-) Tengo la intención de lanzar mi primer libro en torno al solsticio de verano, 21 de junio.

“Adora & Vitali: A Spin on the Matter of Motion”
“Adora y Vitali: una Vuelta a la Materia de Movimiento”

Debido a tener no una ‘baja’, pero ‘ninguno’ presupuesto ‘-.) Voy a producir un libro electrónico antes de la primera edición impresa. Además de escribir, ilustrar y componer la música para la versión digital, estoy publicando y comercializarlo también; usando Autor iBook, Smashwords así como (kdp) de Kindle de Amazon, para que se pueda leer en cualquier plataforma o dispositivo que gente prefiera. También voy a hacer el voz para una versión en audio-libro. La impresión será ‘print on demand’ POD para empezar. Es todo un nuevo terreno para mi, y todo el proceso es una experiencia de aprendizaje, de la que voy a estar feliz de compartir cualquier información!

A continuación se muestra un ‘adentro / back cover’ resumen acerca de lo que implica el libro! Estoy abierto a cualquier sugerencia, pero sobre todo me gustaría saber acerca de cualquier lugares (tiendas de libros / cafeterías en su barrio) que me recomienda ponerse en contacto para establecer “lecturas”. Una vez que programar las fechas en varios lugares, voy a trazar un recorrido. Estoy siempre listo para viajar y hablar con la gente! Desde el principio, me anticipó la creación de versiones en francés, español y alemán, sobre todo en la plataforma digital. Esto daría al lector la posibilidad de leer el mismo contenido en otro idioma como herramienta de aprendizaje. Estoy versado en estas y amar el aprendizaje de idiomas. Como yo no soy fluido, naturalmente tendrás editores que son hablantes nativos.
“Adora y Vitali: una Vuelta a la Materia de Movimiento” es una búsqueda espiritual impregnada de conceptos científicos. Se incorporan a través de paquetes de información relevante a los fenómenos que surgen en la propia historia. Está específicamente diseñado para inspirar la curiosidad y evocan en todos el deseo de aprender más acerca de la fascinante naturaleza de nuestro universo.

Un libro del niños para los adultos o los libros de texto aula incrustado en un cuento, tiene aproximadamente 80 ilustraciones así como (blanco y negro y de colores): a partir de diagramas científicos y gráficos con el carácter y las imágenes de fantasía. Son unos 120 (y contando) enlaces activos, un “en vivo” bibliografía que no sólo corrobora los hechos, pero le da al lector un medio para explorar más a fondo cada uno de los temas tratados.

La historia trata de una mujer joven llamada Adora, quien después de conocer un lugar que le encanta por sus cualidades misteriosas, decide viajar allí. El lugar no sólo casi no tiene gravedad, que es extraordinario en sí, sino las personas que viven allí tienen cualidades excepcionales de la mente y el espíritu. Nadie es capaz de mentir – que son seres sensibles capaces de leer la mente telepática de los demás. Un mundo utópico, transparente, donde sólo la verdad y la honestidad existe; en el que las intenciones se transmiten a través del amor. Para llegar a su destino, se le enseña a seguir las líneas magnéticas. El libro es un viaje a este lugar con sus características sobrenaturales, destiladas con información que revela cómo esta teoría, ‘podría’ ocurrir. Por ejemplo, los sucesivos fenómenos naturales han sido provocadas como consecuencia del calentamiento global acelerado.

Además de leer el libro de forma secuencial, está diseñado como una herramienta de referencia en el que se puede saltar de un tema a otro, cada uno cubierto en su página única. Está libro dirigido a lectores curiosos de los adolescentes, para los estudiantes, la ciencia o entusiastas de la ciencia de fantasía, o los curiosos acerca de la espiritualidad y la conciencia. En general, los intrigados con aventuras hacia lo desconocido. Además de ser una historia impregnada de simbolismo y misterio (“Adora” significa “amor” y “Vitali” significa “vida”), es una multimedia ‘plataforma de aprendizaje expedicionario’, que asoma en los fenómenos de la naturaleza desde el mundo microscópico de subatómico la física a lo cósmico, incluyendo una mezcla heterogénea de otros temas de la biología, la geología, la química y más, mostrando cuán extraordinario ‘nuestro’ mundo. Como el título sugiere, entre otras cosas, el libro se esfuerza por construir una apreciación y concepto de los juegos de rol electromagnetismo integrales en toda la vida, así como la comunicación de amor

con amor,

Announcement of my soon to be released eBook

I intend to release my first book around the summer solstice, June 21st.

“Adora & Vitali: A Spin on the Matter of Motion”

Due to having not a ‘low’, but ‘no’ budget ‘-) I’ll produce an eBook prior to the first print edition. Besides writing, illustrating and composing music for the digital version, I’m publishing and marketing it too; using iBook Author, Smashwords as well as (kdp) Kindle of Amazon, so that it can be read on whatever platform or device the reader prefers. I’ll also do a voice-over for an audio-book version. The print will be POD ‘print on demand’ for starters. It’s all new terrain and the whole process is a learning experience, about which I’ll be happy to share any information!

Below is an ‘inside/back cover’ summary about what the book entails! I’m open to any suggestions, yet particularly I’d love to hear about any venues (book stores/cafes in your area) which you recommend for me to contact to set up ‘readings’. Once I schedule dates at various locations, I’ll map out a tour. I’m always up for traveling and talking with people! From early on, I anticipated creating versions in French, Spanish and German, especially on the digital platform. This would give the reader the option to read the same content in another language as a learning tool. I’m conversant in these and love learning languages. Since I’m not fluent, I’ll naturally need editors who are native speakers. rain_shadow_blk_wh

“Adora & Vitali: A Spin on the Matter of Motion” is a spiritual quest imbued with scientific concepts. It is woven throughout with parcels of information relevant to the phenomena that emerge in the story itself. It is specifically designed to inspire curiosity and evoke within the reader the desire to learn more about the fascinating nature of our universe.

A children’s book for adults or classroom textbook embedded within a tale, it has approximately 80 illustrations throughout (black & white as well as color): from scientific diagrams and charts to character and fantasy images. Interwoven throughout are about 120 (and counting) active links; a ‘live’ bibliography that not only substantiates the facts but gives the reader a means to explore in more depth each of the subjects covered.

The tale involves a young woman named Adora, who after learning of a place which enchants her because of its mysterious qualities, decides to journey there. The place not only has almost no gravity, which is extraordinary in itself, but the people residing there have exceptional qualities of mind and spirt. None are capable of lying – they are sentient beings able to telepathically read each others’ minds. A utopian, transparent world, where only truth and honesty exist; in which intentions are transmitted through love. To reach her destination, she is instructed to follow the magnetic lines. The book is a journey to this place with its supernatural characteristics, distilled with information revealing how this theoretically ‘could’ occur. For example, successive natural phenomena were triggered as a result of accelerated global warming.

Besides reading the book sequentially, it is designed as a reference tool in which one can jump from one topic to another; each covered on its unique page. The book is geared for curious readers from adolescent on; for students, science or science fantasy enthusiasts, or those curious about spirituality and consciousness. Generally, those intrigued with adventures into the unknown. Besides being a tale infused with symbolism and mystery (“Adora” means “love” and “Vitali” means “life”), it is a multimedia ‘expeditionary learning platform’, which peers into the phenomena of nature from the microscopic world of subatomic physics to the cosmic, including a smorgasbord of other topics from biology, to geology, chemistry and more, displaying how extraordinary ‘our’ world is. As the title suggests, among other phenomena in the natural world, the book strives to build an appreciation and understanding of the integral role that electromagnetism plays in all of life as well as the communication of love.

with love,